• 09-10-2012
    Project Spearfish frame swap Complete! For now...
    Hello internets,

    For those who did not see my first thread involving this project;
    I started with a complete build kit from a 2012 Trek Superfly carbon from my buddy at my LBS. This was everything but the frame for about 1/4 of the cost of the bike! After demoing an Epic and the Spearfish, I decided the SF would get the nod. The Epic would be an awesome sit and spin race rig, but to me, it was a little too plush, soaking up everything on the trail. Not for me, any-damn-ways, I was able to swing a similar smoking deal on a SF2 frame (thank you again LBS!).

    As others have stated the box was beat to $hit... However, the frame contained within was perfect!

    Unboxed packing still on

    Obligatory couch shot of the bare frame!

    Quickly weighted the frame and fork, not too bad!

    I was expecting closer to 3.5 from the fork. Don't know where I got that number from though.. Wishful thinking I guess.

    The build was no where near a smooth as other complete frame up builds I've done in the past. My homemade HS press failed me leaving me to improvise with a mallet... Rear brake hose was too short, borrowed the brake off of the wife's bike. PF30 with GXP adapter was a PITA too... All worth it in the end though!

    First ride was terrible. Only had an hour to drive 15 miles to the trail, got in a quick 5 while fidgeting with saddle and brake adjustments, hauled a$$ back home to catch my daughters soccer practice. I will never hurry a break in ride again:nono:!

    Set up:

    SF2 frame
    OEM Fox 32 Evo Float 100mm
    Easton Alu Havens
    Geax Saguraro 2.2 TNT's
    Thompson post
    Bonty RXL stem
    Sette small riser bar
    1x10 w/ X9 shifter & X9 short cage w/chain watcher
    SP1000??? Sram crank
    Combo Exlier 7 front & Hayes Stroker Trail rear brakes
    Cane Creak 40 series HS

    Came in at 26.5 lbs with XT pedals

    I'll post a review as soon as I get some more miles on her! Thanks for looking!

  • 09-11-2012
    NIce bike.

    What kind of chain watcher is that?
  • 09-12-2012
    It is a 3rd eye chain watcher. They have been around forever apparently. I had never seen one until I spotted one on one of the employees bikes at my LBS. He was running 1x10 as well, and hasn't has and chain dropping issues. I can't say the same... I only have a few miles on my SF with this chain watcher, and it simply cannot keep the chain from coming off on the pedal side. I have dropped the chain once since installation last week. Third EyeŽ Mirrors
  • 09-12-2012
    You mean it's falling off to the outside right? If you're only running an inside (3rd eye or N-gear jumpstop) it has no way to retain it from falling off that direction. You'll need a bashguard or a wrap-around style chain watcher (MRP style or Paul Components make one).
  • 09-12-2012
    Had an MRP on my MCR, obviously the watcher functions totally different. For $7 it was worth a shot! I'm still gonna give it a chance.