• 05-23-2017
    Pony Rustler Size small for 5' 3"
    I am seriously looking at PR Gx1. Ht range for S is 5'5"~5'8". I am only 5'3" (female, longer torso, shorter legs).. I did ride the bike on a paved road and didn't feel that big. And I am not sure how it would feel on a singletrack. The current and only ride is Stumpy 29er Comp (2011), 15.5 and I like it (but I don't have enough experiences with various bikes to say this is THE great fit). Any opinion about PR sizes and your other rides' sizes, your ht, etc... Thx.
  • 05-23-2017
    Can't give specific feedback on a Pony but I'm 5'6" with a 29" inseam and I ride three size small Salsa bikes. I have a Marrakesh, Mukluk, and a Cutthroat. All three fit great.
    For reference, I also have a Cannondale Bad Habit in small and a 48cm Cannondale Six13 road bike and both fit great.

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