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    Pony Rustler to 29er?

    I have a 2017 Pony Rustler Carbon and am looking to build up a 29er wheelset. I got this bike last year as a deal that was so good I couldn't refuse. But... not a huge fan of the 27.5+ tires. The feel is just OK, but the options/costs are limited. There are 3.0 Teravail Coronado on there now.

    Has anyone done this? What is the max. tire size you can run? Doing some back of the napkin math, it seems like 2.4s would be doable. Yes?

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    Yes, many have run PR's in 29er mode. I did on a warranty replacement frame (originally had a Horsethief, got a replacement PR frame as that is all they had). I run 2.4/2.3 trail tires as that's just personal preference. Since the PR is designed around 27+ wheel sizes, it can handle wide tires. The frame has plenty of clearance. The stock fork should have + size capacity, so it can handle wider 29 tires. The bigger item is to take a look at fork travel/head angle. The stock fork on a PR is 140mm I believe. HT is designed around 130mm. Change in wheel size will affect head tube angle. You could either just roll with it, or adjust the fork travel. The newer Salsa's have a flip chip at the rear shock mounting point specifically for this. Do some more research as I know others have more insight/detail on this.

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    I also ran a PR frame as a 29er after a warranty replacement and Im almost certain Salsa said max tire size on the rear of that frame is 29 x 2.4. It may fit a 2.5, but they do not recommend it. you can find specs on the website in archived bikes.

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