After riding a Giant Talon 29er 1 for the past year, and not being all that happy with it, I've been liberated!

My new ride...

I've only ridden .88 miles from the LBS to my place but, daaaaaayyyyum, it's a sweet ride!

Back in the mid-70's to early 80's, I rode a Schwinn 10-speed and a Columbia kid's bike - both were steel frames. I didn't like the ride on the Giant at all and the damn thing was heavy - 35 pounds! Looking forward to riding steel again. To use a cliche, "steel is real!"

Many thanks to Adam and his crew at Alpha Cycles in Centennial, CO. They are awesome and worked with me on getting the correct stem and tires. They swapped out the stock 110mm stem for a 90mm, and swapped out the stock Nobby Nic's for tubeless Racing Ralph's. If you live in Denver, or visit here, make a visit to Alpha!

Now to sell the Giant and Cannondale Quick 4. Both are 2013's and less than 200 miles. Hello Craigslist!