My Fargo Build

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  • 01-03-2013
    My Fargo Build
    Gíday Everyone,

    I thought Iíd start a separate thread about my Fargo build to stop the pages turning over so fast in the Fargo Thread. Like all Fargo builds, itís unique in some way(s) and when it comes to cutting a short story long, I have history. So grab a beer and kick back.

    Last November my 12yo daughter and I planned a bike path ride from Boondall Station to Redcliffe via Sandgate and the Ted Smout Bridge across Hayes Inlet. We were heading along the Gateway Arterial Rd when traffic started to brake suddenly. The cars ahead were going left and right in turn. Mine was to vere right, so I did and came to a halt. A split second later I was rear ended with my OnOne Inbred swinging in between my car and the motor bike that hit me. Yes, a motorbike.

    He actually came to a stop behind me. So did the lady behind him. Unfortunately the bloke behind her did not. He was over the (alcohol) limit and feeding his face. He hit her. She hit the motorbike and catapulted him in to me.

    ďThat was a motorbike!Ē I exclaimed as I leapt from the car. I started removing my T shirt expecting to have to fill a hole in this bloke. I was reminding myself that heíd be relying on me and that I better not fall apart and let him down.

    I got out seeing him still on the bike several meters back from my ute. The OnOne was now like a mangled handle bar ornament, having been dislodged from the carrier and the riderís feet poking through the front wheel and frame. He was bloody sore the next day, but I was amazed to see him helped to his feet and instantly fire up a ciggy.

    So here is the OnOne Inbred.

    I had a love hate thing going with the Inbred. It kind of did everything well, but excelled atÖwellÖ.maybe I did just love itÖ.a little. Iím glad and sad that itís gone. Itís kind of weird. I had taped up bits of tube where the eyelets might have been Ė including the rack stays that saw quite a load - and cable tied everything Ė including those rack stays Ė and a fake brake bridge of perforated strap on the fork for the front guards.

    So my insurer coughed and I added a fair bit of loot and built the Fargo. The frameset, Planet Cascadia guards and Wanderlust rack came from Bikeman USA. Everything else came from the UK with the exception of the shifters from Germany and the brakes locally.

    The Fargo for me was a bike I had wanted for ages. The Inbred was a Fargo in disguise the day it died. I had a litany of sorry, we actually donít have that in stock. This happened several times and pissed me off . Itís not so hard to keep track of the money, but itís a pain when tracking refunds comes in to it. Not hard, but a pain.

    Well, the first one was the frame. Let me say straight up Ė Bikeman were awesome. I ordered the CrŤme and got the newer Brown Fargo with 44mm head tube for the same price without asking. It was just offered without question. I actually rang to confirm and was reassured. Delivery was superfast. The goodies were dispatched the day after the big storm and here in a week. Great stuff Bikeman. I am very impressed. Australian Fargophiles, take note Ė this is where to buy your Fargo.
    Wheels: This was the hardest decision. I went with two wheelsets with the same hubs and rotors, so I can just change from one to the other. No need for tyre changes. Both have Hope Pro 2 hubs and DT Comp spokes. The paved wheelset has Sun Ringle Inferno 25 rims and the dirt set has WTB Frequencyi23. Time will tell. So far the Infernos seem excellent and the other one is still in pieces.

    The tyres are Michelin City 47c. I also have Continentals of the same size. The Michelins feel better and are definitely a very tough tyre, but you can never trust a tyre like you can trust a Conti touring tyre. The gold standard in bullet proof. For off road I must confess my love for standard, folding Geax Saguaros. Itíll be interesting to see if they mate as magically with the WTB rims as they do with my Flows. Iíd also like to try the TCS Nano and Wolverine with the WTB rims.

    Bars: I am really happy that I went with the 42cm Woodchippers. Itís important to note that I test rode a Fargo with the wide ones and they felt too wide. While I am 178cm (5í10Ē) I use a 590mm bar on my Big Mama and 42cm on my road bike. I hate wide MTB bars and didnít like the wide Woodchippers either. I also didnít like the way the shifters were facing inward on the Fargo I rode.

    I know this is the norm, but wonder how it ended up that way. Mine face forward and feel great when braking in the drops. There is a spot on the inside bottom of the shifter that can be exposed if you arenít aware when wrapping. A minor point and I might have done better not to mention it. If you decide to face the shifters forward, just watch for it and itíll turn out fine. Not noticeable if it doesnít. I feel very comfortable in every hand position. No regrets.

    I used Salsa bar tape. I am happy with it. I always wrap top down. All road bars used to be wrapped top down until the modern day genius decided having hideous electrical tape everywhere was a master stroke. Top down requires no tape at either end of the wrap and Iíve had my road bike done with similar cork tape, hassle free for long enough that itís wearing through from age and no curled over bits, or what ever the BS problem is supposed to be.

    Stem and Headset: I scrimped a bit here, but am very happy with the value for money FSA stuff. I never meant to keep the stem as I thought Iíd end up with a 25degree Salsa stem once I worked out the height. As it turns out The bar height I want seems lower than most are going with and the final number of spacers may even be reduced. This is good news because I prefer the look of the 6degree stem and like the FSA stem and headset.

    Seat and Post: The only second hand items. Old Rolls saddle and Ritchey post. Nothing to say. Saddles are personal. I use a Ti Rolls on the Big Mama. Theyíre my thing. The OnOne legacy of this build.

    Other accessories: I use a hand held GPS that rides in a Camelbak of pannier, so I have a cheap, basic Sigma computer on all my bikes. Topeak top tube bag and Saddle bag and the cages are Blackburn 5mm stainless. I still think the plastic Profile Design Kage is the best bottle cage Iíve ver seen, but these look great and seem tough enough.

    Mounting the guards: The OnOne had SKS Cromoplastics and I straightened and salvaged the mounting kit so I could rebend them (properly) and experiment without using (or damaging) the Cascadia mounts until I am certain of what I want.

    On the front I used the nutsert half way up the inside of the fork. With disc brakes and cages on the fork I feel that I made the right choice. I cut a short piece of left over rack stay and drilled a hole at either end for the top mount. I also used a fair few washers to rotate the guard forward. Every time I see a Fargo with these guards, the front seems rotated too far rearward, especially compared to the rear guard.

    The rear guard was installed with a Saguaro on the rear wheel and the gap on the front benchmarked form the rear which was installed first. My front derailleur is a Shimano SLX with a bottom pull arm. This arm is useless on the Fargo and when trying to clear big tyres, hits the guard. I hacksawed it off Ė as I did to the one on the OnOne Inbred.

    A consistent gap required a few washers on the chain stay bridge and the seat stay bridge guide is not quite maxed out, so I can get more clearance if I want it. They stays, as per the front are the salvaged SKS ones. If you use the lower eyelet at the back, the most forward stay hits the rack. If youíre custom bending the front stays as I did, a little bend here isnít a consideration. I didnít think I had the length in the old stays I used, so just flexed out the rack a little and mounted the stays under it. This is only a few mm and the rack didnít complain.

    Brakes: BB7 Road. No prizes for guessing. Shimano have some decent cable discs now, but I have used BB7s on my MTB before and it was an easy call with no reviews around for the new Shimanos. They came with 160mm G2 rotors. I bought a pair of 180mm rotors to match so will have a 180/160 combo on each set of wheels.

    The Group Set: OK, this is where it gets interesting. I canít stand double chain rings on MTBs and the Fargo has to function as an MTB or you may as well get a Vaya. I live in Brisbane. Itís hilly Ė everywhere Ė will very few flat spots. There is no way a SRAM Apex or anything else is going to give me the extended climbing and top end gears I need. To be honest, I have reservations about fully load climbing on dirt around here with a 24F/36R and canít understand why the 42F isnít a 44. I use a 22F/34R on the Big Mama and get to spend lots of time in it around here, so perhaps a 22 is on the cards. I have a mate who put one on a 10 speed double without any problems.

    I am also a huge XT fan and get huge life out of the stuff. So this is how I made my 10 speed triple work with 105 road shifters;

    10 speed road - ST5703 105 Triple
    10 Speed MTB Ė XT Triple Crank set, XT 11-36 Cassette, XT Chain X2(I rotate 2 chains).
    9 Speed MTB Ė XT Shadow Rear Derailleur, SLX Front Derailleur (XT out of stock)

    The throw on the 9 speed RD is the same as the 105 and the shadow clears the 36. I also had a 2007 XT with the B screw maxed and it cleared. The throw needs to be increased by 1.337 times on the front. Enter Shiftmate #7. It works perfectly and is easy to install.

    So I would say go for it on this gear combo. Itís working so well.

    I hope I didnít bore you all too much.

  • 01-03-2013
    Looks good hope you enjoy it!!
  • 01-03-2013
    VO2 Lax
  • 01-03-2013
    Sweet the details on the groupo. I ended up with a Fargo after my Cross-Check and I got hit by a Ford F-250. I wanted a Fargo or Vaya prior to the wreck, so yeah.
  • 01-03-2013
    Nice! Turned out really well. How's she handle on single track?
  • 02-04-2013
    Thanks for the comments and sorry not to have any updates till now.

    Bikebeard, I only just got to ride the Fargo on single trails on Saturday and was really surprised by how well it went. Compared to the OnOne I'd say I just prefer flat bars under those conditions, but it wasn't by a lot. The Fargo really surprised me and even though my bars are a little lower than the average, I felt confident decending and braking on the hoods and in the drops.

    I'm not sure exactly why, but the front felt more forgiving on the Fargo. Whether that's the different bars, the steel fork V the carbon OnOne fork, or just that the Fargo is a fat barge even compared the the Inbred, I'm not sure.

    So that's really the only update for now. My first chance at some off roading and the Fargo was a pleasant surprise. There was some talk about the WTB Frequency i23 rims in the pinned Fargo Thread. In short I aired up a pair of very second hand standard folding Geax Saguaros tubeless. They inflated easily by hand after a little bit of manual seating, which was not difficult at all and although they are meant more for tubeless tyres, the old Saguaros have been unmoveable - and yes, I did try. No use finding out later.

    I'm not overly convinced of the bottle security of the Blackburn 5mm cages. As I said earlier, I bought them because they look great, but am a big fan of Profile Design Kage and will almost certainly go back that way. No bottle loss or anything so far, but I'm not 100% sold on mine at the angle they're on.

    I'll keep posting when things come to me. Please ask any questions.

  • 02-04-2013
    Beautiful bike, really beautiful. Wish id tried standard road bars and brifters before i got shot of mine (didnt like the woodchippers). You should be ok with the blackburn cages, thats all i use and never had a bottle eject. If they feel a bit slack just push the cage in a bit, will grip the bottle a bit tighter and you can still get the bottle is easily.
  • 02-04-2013

    I rode a Fargo with 46cm Woodchippers and the brifters facing inward before I started ordering. I didn't really like it. I am using 42cm Woodchippers but face the brifters forward. It made the difference for me. In my original post I made a point about a small bit on the inside bottom you have to watch out for when wrapping or the hood doesn't cover it. Apart from that, I'd really recomend it as more than just an option, but a good one, particularly if 46cm is just to bus like or you are used to riding road bikes.

    Thanks for the reassurance re the cages. They certainly are a match and a half with the brown Fargo and no real dramas, just suspicion on my part. I'll give them a bit more preload, if that's the word.
  • 02-11-2013
    Really nice set up! I am 5"11 w/ 32.5" inseam and just bought a L Fargo from the LBS. Was between the Medium and the Large and went with the Large. Bike rides really well, fit is great for road/touring/light mtb, which is my main purpose for this bike. Still getting everything squared away in terms of additional bits, such as fenders. So, I have a couple of questions about your fenders...

    You mention that you have SKS Chromeplastics on your Fargo. I've heard and read great things about SKS. I've checked the SKS website and it looks like the Chromeplastics P65's are spec'd for 26" wheels. Are these the fenders you run on your Fargo? If so, did it take extensive modification (besides mentioned above) to get them to fit? Right now I am running 2.2" tires and would like the fenders to fit this set-up. Any recommendations, insights would be much appreciated.
  • 02-11-2013
    You can get SKS Bluemels B65, they go up to 2,35".
  • 02-11-2013

    My fenders are Planet Cascadia 29. I used the old SKS mounting gear because I wasn't sure I'd stick with the way I mounted them on the front fork. I have since concluded that I made the right choice, but may as well just use the SKS mounts, which means I have a full Planet Cascadia mount kit in reserve if it is needed.
  • 02-17-2013
  • 03-01-2013
    I'm sorry that my next update is not positive, so I'll keep it short.

    My Salsa bar tape is falling apart already. I bought the cheapest junk I could find on ebay for my road bike. It is comfy and it still hangs in there with no problems after a lot of use.

    As for the Salsa bar tape, I am dissapointed that it had failed so soon. About 1300km.

    The bike itself is thoroughly recomended and continues to exceed expectations.
  • 01-25-2015
    Just wanted to chime in here. I also have a 2012 Fargo that had bar-end shifters. When I switched to road brifters I had all kinds of problems with my shifting as apparently the Shimano-style front MTB triple and Deore FD don't agree with Shimano road shifters. I got a JTek adapter and it works like a charm now.

    Jtek Engineering Inc.

    Very pleased to say the least
  • 01-26-2015
    Two years on and my Shiftmate has been excellent. The Fargo is still exactly the same, the only exception being that the WTB i23 rims basically corroded away from who knows what and CRC refunded the purchase price and I bought more Flow rims with the money. This was a known problem which I am told has been rectified.

    I really love this bike. It's timeless and at this stage I can't see why I'd ever move it on.