My 2012 El Mariachi

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  • 06-06-2012
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    My 2012 El Mariachi
    Here it is. Heavier than I expected. I did one nice ride which was cut short due to a flat.
    I found some Salsa skewers in my basement and put those on there.
    I found the green frame, but wanted the blue. Can you see why?
    I am going to look for the salsa chainring guard. Maybe someone has a spare? Not the spiky toothfairy one, just the smooth one. Black. 5 arm 94mm bcd for a 32 tooth ring.

    Highlights include moots post. Wheels are king to DT swiss in the back, king to salsa in the front. New Schwalbe tires for this build which are fantastic. old xtr cranks which just seem to keep working. xt brakes. cane creek 40 headset and an older REBA fork.
    my next major upgrade will be a new tapered steerer qr15 fork.

    I am coming off of a custom 29er frame than never seemed to click for me. Hopefully this clicks!
  • 06-06-2012
    Ya just need some new grips and a bottle cage! While I think that both colors were good this year, I like the green better. I was going to build one myself, but we sold all our medium frames before I had the chance. Looking forward to what colors 2013 will bring in the final call. So - some green Oury's and a black cage and you are styling! Go get it dirty.
  • 06-07-2012
    Don't worry about the weight. It's hard for cyclist to let go of the whole weight thing, but as far as mountain bikes go, it's really not a big deal.

    That's a nice looking bike, enjoy. Oh, and don't forget your repair kit ( multi-tool, tubes, inflater device, ect.)
  • 06-07-2012
    Interesting. I'm coming from the exact same background. I love the El Mar. Love it!
  • 06-07-2012
    Cool build man. I love Salsas!
  • 06-15-2012
    You want a salsa wtb seat? I pulled mine off my el mar. If you want it, send me a message and we'll work it out.
  • 06-16-2012
    nice bike! very clean
  • 06-19-2012
    I think I know why it is so heavy. It looks like it is ten feet tall compared to the picnic table.