My 2008 Fargo is Far-Gone-
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    My 2008 Fargo is Far-Gone

    My 2008 Fargo XXL was stolen this summer. My fault, but still ****ing florida. Tears were shed and mugs were raised.
    A great bike - comfortable and easy to ride -she will be missed. ****ing florida!!!!

    I was going to research a replacement - krampus/orge vs new fargo vs LH Trucker vs trek 920 vs (why not 420?), but figured I'd end up with another fargo.

    As I was getting started I quickly ran across the DEADWOOD! - holy shit that might be perfect! My XXL Revelate framebag might even fit.

    1. Availability - Rumors suggest these will disappear very quickly any word on availability concerns?
      - Salsa won't sell to my LBS in Florida - but I'll be in Minnesota for a couple weeks in October - I hope to get one from a dealer in MN.
    2. Fit - Did anyone else switch to a 'new' fargo XL frame from an original XXL frame? Did you have any heartaches?
      - I'm 6'3 with shortish legs. I hope the shorter top tube will sit me a little straighter. When I got tired on the fargo my sit bones would tend to ride the rim on my brooks saddle, which could be a problem on long/multi day rides.

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    I have not seen any at my LBS yet. It is a really nice looking bike. Salsa said it would be made in limited quantities.
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    The Deadwood is sweet - I had the good fortune to ride one at a Salsa demo day recently. If most of your bikepacking is on rougher roads/trails, those 29+ tires definitely make for a smoother ride.
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    If you plan to get one from a dealer here in MN I would immediately tell you to go to Angry Catfish, not because I'm a loyalist to them which I'm not. But they get a lot of things right away from Q. I would say call now Josh is the owner if you can get a hold of him or talk to Parker, Vance or James.
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    I second the ACF recommendation. Good guys. Great shop.

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    Thanks for the info. I had two LBS recommended and Angry Catfish was one. The other was Freewheel. I've got family in the area and it turns out Freelwheel is the LBS of one and sold a mariachi to the other. They had nothing but good things to say about freewheel and I made the call and I've got money down on a deadwood.

    One bad things about freewheel - they offered me a grainbelt.

    FYI - It sounds like it might be awhile before they make it to dealers. They said the estimate right now is Early/mid December.

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    I've never had a positive experience at Freewheel, but I've only been there 3 or 4 times. ACF is a better shop to deal with if you need a Salsa, and if I get another I'll go there.
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