Latest Gen Spearfish not locking out anymore-
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    Latest Gen Spearfish not locking out anymore

    Hey all. I have an NX Spearfish latest gen. It's a cool bike. I like it a lot! I've noticed lately though that my rear shock is no longer locking out. I mean it never REALLY locked out, but it used to lock out a whole lot more than it does now. Now I really can't tell the difference between lockout, fully open, and trail modes. I kinda feel like the bike is bobbing a lot more in general than it used to.

    Since this is my first full suspension bike ever, I'm wondering if it's me setting it up wrong or if this is something I should have the shop look at? Any thoughts on some things I could try?

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    Presumably, since you have the latest generation, it is a recent purchase. Thus, if you have any issues you should take it to the shop. I dont know anything about that bike, but if the shock has a 3 position compression damper, and one is lockout, it should be pretty stiffin the lockout position. With that said, the rear suspension on my horsethief (latest gen) is so good I leave it open all the time. And I do a lot of seated climbing 2000-4000'+ vertical per ride.

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    Yeah. It's definitely still under warranty, and I bought it from a great shop, so I'll probably just take it in.

    Thanks for the input rth009

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