• 10-11-2012
    Just bought a 2012 Spearfish frame need brake hose length
    The frame is large. Thanks!
  • 10-14-2012
    Build your bike, install your brakes and cut the hoses to length. Pre-measuring can always come back to bite you.
  • 10-15-2012
    I'm running my brake line down the toptube/seatstay and held in place with black zip ties. I did the same thing to my mukluk. I don't mind running shifter cable housing down the downtube and under the BB, but brake hoses... that's just asking for trouble. Besides the fact I hate having to recut/rebleed a perfectly good and operating brake, but if you should damage the hose while riding, it can leave you with a sudden and unexpected loss of brake power. Losing a shifter cable is unlikely to cause you any problems immediately though the same way losing your back brake would.
  • 10-16-2012
    thanks guys
    I was wondering about the length because i am not trained in the jedi skill of bleeding brakes. I may go with the top tube routing; i ride really rocky terrain and had not considered that; this is actualy the first mountain bike that I have had that has the runs for the brakes going under the BB.
  • 10-17-2012
    The rear brake run on a Spearfish is huge! I dont think i cut anything off my rear brake when i fitted it. I once tried switching in a brake off my long DH bike and the hose was about 10" too short!!
  • 10-17-2012
    (Holds up hands)
    The front brake line is about this long.

    (Spreads hands further apart)
    And the rear brake line is about thiiiiis long.
  • 10-18-2012
    I think it is either 2200 or 1800 right?

    I routed the smaller size length to the rear along the toptube and it reaches without creating too much slack. If it was the 2200 length then I would haver routed via downtube and there probably would have not been too much slack, idklol. Mine was a Medium *evil laugh.

    Seriously though, you should (gotta) learn to bleed brakes at some point.

    Good luck
  • 10-18-2012
    I built up a large frame, and my rear lines were OK out of the box - didn't have to cut them. I think the standard Formula rear line length is 1650mm.

    You can get away with shorter lines if you run along the top tube as others have suggested. This is what I did at first, although I went to the "official" under-DT routing when I got a new set of brakes.

    Enjoy - the Spearfish is a great bike!
  • 10-18-2012
    I bought a Spearfish frame only, and transfered all my old parts, so I had to work with the brake hoses I already had. I just used zip ties and routed the best way for the length. I think it was down the down tube, along the chainstay, but then a detour to the seatstay, then to the brake mount. All year and its been fine.