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    Hodges Draft on the Fargo

    On Friday my friend Marshall and I took off to check out Hodges Draft near Deerfield, Virginia on our Fargos. The plan was to see if we could get all the way up the Draft and connect up with the Shenandoah Mountain Trail. Both the topo maps and aerial photography showed the logging/power line maintenance road going most of the way up, but there was one section that was a question mark as the road seemed to end and then start up again about a quarter mile later.

    The initial climb up went as expected with one wrong turn for a short detour. Eventually we worked our way up to where the road ended. Here's the view back to the east down the draft.

    Hodges Draft on the Fargo-dscf1071_sm.jpg

    But where we wanted to get to was up at the next power line tower.

    Hodges Draft on the Fargo-dscf1074_sm.jpg

    So, it was hike a bike time.

    Hodges Draft on the Fargo-dscf1073_sm.jpg

    The initial descent was tough, but at least it was downhill.

    Hodges Draft on the Fargo-dscf1075_sm.jpg

    Once we got down to the stream bed, then the real fun began. We had to pretty much climb straight up the ridge. The only way to really do it was to keep working across the slope switching back every 100 feet or so. No pictures from that section as the priority was just staying upright. It took us about an hour to cover that quarter mile. After I got back home I looked at the topo for that section.

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    Yep, it was steep. But eventually we got where we wanted to be and back on the road we had seen on the maps. Here's the view looking back down at the power line tower were we started our hike.

    Hodges Draft on the Fargo-dscf1077_sm.jpg

    It was a couple more miles up a muddy dirt road until we connected up with the Shenandoah Mountain Trail. The road was very steep in places and was slick enough with the mud that you had really take it easy on the pedals or that back wheel would just spin. But eventually we made our way to the top.

    Hodges Draft on the Fargo-dscf1078_sm.jpg

    Hodges Draft on the Fargo-dscf1079_sm.jpg

    From there we took the Shenandoah Mountain Trail over to Rt. 250 and the Confederate Breastworks.

    Hodges Draft on the Fargo-dscf1081_sm.jpg

    The rest of the ride was on pavement as we bombed down Rt. 250 and headed back to the car. Is it a ride we'll ever do again? Probably not just because the hike-a-bike section was so tough. But is was big fun and the Fargos handled everything we threw at them. It's just the perfect bike for this kind of riding.


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    Looks like you had some beautiful fall color to enjoy. The Appalachians are a great place to be during the fall.

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