Hi all! First time poster. I recently ran across a 56cm vaya titanium frame and had to buy it. My other bike is a Surly Troll with an Alfine 11 speed that I'm basically doing everything with, including mountain biking as well as commuting. It's awesome but I have been looking for a lighter bike to expand my horizons a bit. I don't have much experience building bikes from scratch so I'm looking for some help deciding on parts. Primarily, I want this to be an adventure bike with light, quality components. I will certainly be commuting to work several times per week on it, and then doing weekend adventures hopefully with minimal or no changing of wheels/tires, etc. I will not be doing any intense climbing or touring, at this time (but may be in a couple years). I'm looking for a fairly upright riding position.

What I have so far:
- thomson masterpiece seatpost
- Jones 660 bend H-bar
- cane creek headset

I'm thinking about running a 2x9 drivetrain.

Any suggestions? How would you build this up?