This forum is GREAT!, so much info, so many choices.

I've narrowed down my FSXC search to a few rides, I'm hoping for input and recommendations.

BTW, I'm a cheap weight freak, so the $/lbs ratio is a primary consideration.

I'm 6-3, 180lbs, short legs/long torso. Most riding will be technical hardpack singletrack with some moderate air thrown in for fun.

I'm currently riding a Motobecane FlyTeam (which I love BTW -$/lbs ratio remember), but it and I are taking a beating on some of the better trails around here, so I'm looking at FS.

I shouldn't spend more than $1500, but I might.

Current considerations

KHS XC704R - ~26 lbs, XT/LX, 03's are available for $1000
true horst link right?, this sounds like the perfect ride, but I'm not sure 'bout the baby blue. Nobody in town has any 604's,704's or 904's in stock, so I can't ride before buying, ergggg. The 80 mm fork seems a bit short.

Rocky Mtn, Element 50, ? lbs, XT/LX, 04 at LSB for $1550
false pivot, do I care? How much does this thing weigh? I cannot find that spec. better fork and shock than KHS? Supporting our friendly neighbors to the north is always a plus. The idea of somebody actually building my bike is cool.

Salsa Cabarello - 26 lbs, XT/LX, 04 at LSB $1700
Like the scandium, beautiful paint, but $1700 is seriously stretching my budget, does this bike really have more than the KHS then just snob appeal?

Motobecane Fantom Elite DS - 25 lbs, XT/LX $1100 at
yeah yeah I know, mystery meat. I've been riding a flyteam frame that I got from bikesdirect a year ago. I thought the frame box was empty when it arrived. the frame has been trouble free after quite a bit of hard riding. It's light-quick&cheap, what more do i need?
this is the only review I've found

Maybe Giant NRS 2, Kona Kikapu

None of the rides above have discs, should I care? I haven't had trouble stopping with v-brakes yet, why should I start now. Oh yeah, did I mention I'm a cheap-weight freak, I'm not about to add hydraulic fluid wieght to my bike. Maybe AVID ball bearing mechs.

The Jamis Dakar is too heavy, SantaCruz Superlight too expensive, Trek Fuels and Specialized FSRs are too abundant.

What am I missing? Remember $/lbs.

Thanks in advance!!