brand new to rear suspension, just got a Salsa Caballero which is very similar in design to the Rocky Mountain element. this frame comes with a Rock Shox Sid dual air. I've been playing around with the pressures and trying different settings of the positive and negative pressure. But so far it seems to bob more than I like.

But since I've had no experience with rear shocks and the newer platform improvements in the rear, I was hoping for some suggestions on what a good one would be for my size, style of riding, and location

-XC riding, race
-riding in SW virginia. Fairly technical climbs, not a whole lot of smooth trial anywhere.
-eye to eye is 6.5 "

I guess I'm looking for what everyone is looking for. Climbing efficiency with the ability to soak up the roots/rocks and stay seated while climbing, yet not induce too much bob in granny gear slow climbing. I prefer more small bump sensitivty over big hit performance as this is more XC /aggressive XC riding.

shocks that seem to come up as options are
5th element
Cloud 9

Also keep reading about getting a Fox rear shock customized by PUSH. So what about looking for some used FOX rear shock and then getting PUSH to customize it.

Anyway, any suggestions would be cool.