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    Fork for Salsa

    Hey guys, just got a brand new (05) Salsa Ala Carte, and im unsure of what fork will be going on it.
    I really like the REBA, and although there have been a few dodgy reviews on it, i live in OZ and the sealing sytem for the REBA here is different to the US one and there havent been any problems ive heard of, so it should be sweet.

    As for travel, would the 115mm overwhelm the front end of the bike?
    I know you can get the REBA preset at 100, but i think the extra bit of travel would be nice, and i dont really want the u-turn model (more expense, more weight).

    So should i go with 100 or 115?

    Thanks for any help,

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    Sorry, a few more details,
    it is an 18.5 inch frame, and will be mated with a small rise but wide h/bar, short 80mm stem for quick steering and according to the salsa website, the bike has a 71 degree head angle with an 80mm fork.

    So with this in mind, i imagine the 100mm fork will better suit my needs, but please any more advice or info would be helpful,
    thanks, wil

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    Does anyone know what the axel to crown height of the Reba is?
    I cant find it on the site, i would like to know the height of it in 115mm or 100mm mode.

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    I have a salsa ala carte, red 853 one.....

    Personally, I wouldnt go with more than an 80mm fork. It rides really well at 80mm. Infact I just got a fox F80, but the adjusters on the top of the fork hit the cable stops on the downtube which isnt very useful.

    Some nice person found me a headset with more stack height and shaved a little off the adjusters to make it work.

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