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    Fargo Alternator Drop Outs.. all the way forward or all the way back?

    Ok, I'm a bit ignorant on the subject, and I'm hoping someone knows.

    When I bought my fargo, the guy at the shop commented that they had set the bike up with the alternators all the way to rear.. extending the wheel base.

    They didn't explain why, and I didn't know enough to ask why.

    However, every photo of a fargo I see has the dropouts all the way forward.

    Now this makes me have to ask.. what's the difference??

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    adjusting the alternator dropouts changes the length of the chainstays on the bike, and therefore wheelbase as well. Generally, a longer chainstay would result in a more stable ride at high speeds. Generally, shortening the chainstay makes it easier to wheelie/manual and negotiate sharp turns. It will also affect where your weight sits over the rear wheel and therefore climbing traction. Search google for chainstay length and you'll get all kinds of opinions. what is best for you depends on the use to which you put your Fargo. Im sure others will correct me if Im wrong, but if you're not riding your Fargo on technical MTB trails Id leave them long.

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    I see. Well I live in a pretty flat area. I'd say 95% of my fargo usage is road, flat pack, forest trail (rooty) and 5% of the time I visit rocky places not near where I live where I do like to challenge myself on easy to intermediate technicals. So I'll leave it alone.

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    The point of these things is to take up chain slack for a single speed or IGH build. It's not like your chain stays would be especially short if they were all the way forward... not like a racing road bike.

    People with MTB like the Timberjack are using it to make clearance for 29+ tires which makes it a real monster truck due to the added ride height.

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