I am building up a new Ti Fargo and very happy to own one. I am dead set on using 9 speed triple combo because I have plenty of nice cassettes and chainrings on hand and like that the Shimano 9 triple shifters work very nicely with Shimano mountain derailleurs. The bike will have no larger than a 29x2.4 tire and no smaller than a 29x1.9 tire. I will be using the bike for loaded touring about 10-15% of the time and unloaded smooth singletrack and gravel roads/events the rest of the time. Only time on pavement will be when I am forced to ride on it! I have 44/32/22, 42/32/24 (10 speed but works fine with 9 speed), and 40/30/22 (10 speed as well) cranksets on hand and want to pair one of these with a 12-34 or 11-34 cassette. In the past when riding unloaded mountain bikes have found the 22/34 to be too low most of the time. Which of the combos above would someone recommend for the riding I plan to do? Want to get the best ratios and might say the top end and low end are probably not relevant. Thanks for any advice.