After flatting the Klaw I had on the back of my Dos Niner and seeing just how loose the bead is on my Delgado rims (do beads stretch?? I mean, I struggled to keep the tire on the rim as I repaired the tube), I decided it was time to try the Bontrager XR rear, to match the front I'm already using. The verdict is still out on this didn't have quite the traction on loose technical out-of-the-saddle climbs I'm used to with the Ignitor I have on my Waltworks.

It's a close fit, but still enough room for riding in dry conditions. I can see it getting clogged up pretty quick in mud.

<img src="">

And since I never actually posted build/pics of this bike, here are a couple (sorry for the crappy quality):

<img src="">
<img src="">

Build consists of
BW.8 fork
External-bearing XTR cranks/BB
XTR rapid-rise RD, XT FD
DuraAce shifters/Paul's Thumbies (on friction mode)
American Classic hubs/Salsa Delgado rims
Sycip bar/stem combo
Avid Ti V-brakes & levers
King HS, Thomson post, Bonty XR tires, etc.