• 08-09-2015
    Carbon fork fender mount on a Fargo
    Hi Gang has anyone come up with a good mounting system for a carbon fork Fargo?
  • 08-09-2015
    I did this successfully when my OnOne Inbred was morphed in to a Fargo-In-Waiting. I just wrapped electrical tape around the fork leg and used a cable tie to attach the stays. I wrapped electrical tape up higher and cable tied some perforated strap across to accommodate the main fixing point. The guard was every bit as stable as it would be when mounted with a nutsert (rivnut) and brake bridge hole.

    It's down to the looks really and whether or not you can take the sight of it. To be honest I'd have thought that the mudguard/ rack approach was better suited to the steel fork and that the carbon fork was more aligned with the light bag, minimalist approach.

    I never photographed mine properly and can't see the photos in my threads because photobucket is blocked from my work, but it may be visible in the first photo in this thread.

    Good luck with it.