From Bucksaw to IBIS HD3-
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    From Bucksaw to IBIS HD3

    I had been riding an IBIS Mojo since 2007 and loved it. When the Salsa Bucksaw Carbon came out I made a switch to riding a full suspension carbon FAT (3.8" tires). Mostly out of curiosity, but also I like new ideas and thought I would give it a try.

    I really do love the Bucksaw. It made familiar trails new again because the best line for a fat bike is not always the line for a skinnier tire. The fun of just bulldozing my way through new parts of trails was engaging. The bike was surprisingly fast. In fact I have a hard time beating my segments on the IBIS.

    But, I was feeling I was losing the more subtle craft of threading a bike through the trail, popping off things etc. So I made the move back to an IBIS Mojo HD3.

    The Bucksaw is a beautifully finished bike, but this IBIS is in a different league. So many fantastic details.

    I went with the X01 Eagle drivetrain and Fox 36 And IBIS 738 rims. The rest is the gear is mostly RaceFace. For tires I went with the Schawlbe Nobby Nics 2.8".

    Moving from the Bucksaw to the IBIS was easy as the two bikes are very similar as they both have Similar feel when in the saddle (same susp[ension designer, different suspension designs, split pivot vs DW- This is an edit). The HD is more slack, but does not feel like it is, because the big 3.8" create their own version of slack by being slightly less direct and by just plodding through stuff. I chose the HD3 over the standard Mojo because I just preferred the more slack feeling of the bike. I felt like I was sitting on top of the regular Mojo.

    Once I got out on the trails I did not regret my purchase. I'm new to this bike so most of my Strava times were actually slower (3 segments were PR's though) but it was so much fun. The bike is so much more lively, and that is key as I'm looking to upgrade those skills.

    The easiest way to explain the difference between the two is a track car analogy (I also track cars):

    The Bucksaw is like a Nissan GTR. It can brute force its way through lots of stuff. The traction and weight make up for a lot of technical sins. The IBIS is like my Lotus track car, lighter, more lively. It requires a more subtle hand and rewards you if you set up ahead of time and listen to physics. Lively being the key word. I just love threading this bike and popping it off stuff that the Bucksaw would be more work to do endulge.

    My first ride out was in the wet and again I don't think I'm getting along with Schawlbe tires. I took them off the Bucksaw for the same reason, replacing them with Maxxis Minnions. They really didn't like the wet igneous rock we have around here (lots of it).

    Any consensus out there between tires?

    You really notice the difference between the 2.8" tires and the 3.8" tires. The. IBIS front end is just so much easier to lift and point. The draw back is it is way more prone to lifting than the Bucksaw. But that is easy to adjust with technique and the rest of the time the lighter more pointy front end is welcome.

    The brakes are Shimao XT. They stop like crazy, but I'm not sure the modulation is as good as the SRAM Guides on my Bucksaw. Time will tell as I get used to them.

    The Fox 36 160ml FIT, is currently set up with a Factory setting. No complaints so far.

    The X01 Eagle drivetrain is super quiet and shifts amazingly. On long climbs I really didn't feel like it had an extra gear, but that might say more about my fitness. On shorter steep climbs it really made a difference.

    Overall I'm extremely happy with the bike. I still love my Bucksaw, but the 2.8" tire combo is more than enough tire for what I do most of the time and the rest of the HD3 is just a fantastic ride.

    Anyway, the Bucksaw isn't going anywhere so I now have two ways to ride.

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    Thats too funny I'm a huge fan of Ibis, got my first SL ~ 2011 and then custom build SLR with 27" wheels and 67 degree head angle in 2013. I got the Salsa Bucksaw few months ago and honestly have been riding it almost exclusively now. I'm just having way too much fun with the Bucksaw. I did miss the agility of the Ibis and how light the bike is to throw around. Couple weeks ago I finally had a new 27.5" 40mm wheelset build with 3" Schwalbe Rocket Ron replacing the Surly Marge Lite with Surly Nate 3.8" loosing 4.22lb. It's a huge transformation, the first time I took the bike out on the trail I felt like I took some drugs or had an electric motor. With the new wheels and a bunch of other upgrades the Bucksaw is down to 28.9lb from 34.76lb and it completely transformed the bike. I can use the 27.5 wheelset most of the year and put on 45Nrth 4" studded dillinger tires on the 26" wheels for the winter. I still love my orange Ibis SLR but I'm really considering selling it and selling my fat bike and just keeping the Bucksaw. I also agree that the two bikes have a very similar feel.

    Adding some bike porn

    From Bucksaw to IBIS HD3-20170108_121918.jpg
    From Bucksaw to IBIS HD3-img_20171029_180131740.jpg

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