Bucksaw for 5'2" rider?

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  • 11-21-2017
    Bucksaw for 5'2" rider?
    I'm thinking about buying a used Bucksaw; but am afraid it's going to be too big for me. I'm 5'2" and according to Salsa's website, size Small fits 5'4" and up. The person selling it is 5'6" and she says it is a little too small for her. There isn't anywhere local that I can check one out in person.

    For reference, I ride a size Small 2014 Santa Cruz Nomad and it is a comfortable size for me. I compared the measurements of the 2014 Nomad with the Bucksaw and it seems like it is similar in standover and top tube length but the reach is somehow a good bit longer than my Nomad. In fact, the reach is the same as my husband's medium Nomad and that bike definitely feels a little too big for me.

    Any short people riding Bucksaws?
  • 11-21-2017
    HappyDawg -

    I consider "Reach" in bike geometry as a somewhat "soft" number. Technically it is the horizontal distance between the top of the head tube and an imaginary line directly above the crank axle. It depends on the length of the head tube and on the fork height because of the fork angle. Many of us have increased the fork travel on our Bucksaw from 100mm to 110 or 120mm (easy to do with a longer airshaft) which technically shortens the reach. (This will also slacken the HT angle and make it a bit more like your Nomad.) You can further shorten the effective reach by using a shorter or higher rise stem, spacers under the stem, or higher rise bars. I also use SQLab handlebars with more sweep, 16 instead of the usual 6-9, which not only makes them more comfortable but also moves the grips back and further shortens the reach.

    Bottom line: Of course it's best if you can throw a leg over one to confirm fit, but I would put more stake in the "TT length" and "Standover height" numbers than "Reach".

    FYI: I ride a Large Bucksaw, Stumpjumper 29/6Fattie, and Pivot 429Trail. The "Reach" on my Bucksaw is 26mm greater than my Stumpy and 37mm greater than my Pivot. All fit me well.
  • 12-19-2017
    My son first rode my small w/o issue when he was 4'-10". Had 80mm stem and 4 to 5" of seatpost showing. 170mm cranks. There was and still is room to dial it in better for him.

    Standover was too high back then but did not concern us much. Were riding the bike, not standing with it.

    He's 5'-2 or 3" now and I'm considering passing it along to him full time and getting something else for myself. We do typical east coast XC riding and I'd have no hesitation at 5'-2" with his skill set.
  • 12-20-2017
    I am 58 but wear sz 29-30 inseam pants most of the time. Standover is good and the long stem makes it feel like a true Med frame. My other bikes are low-slung Kona Process 153 & 111, both 2014 models in Med and it feels just a little shorter in reach due to the long stem the Bucksaw came with.