Any long term reports on Alternator Dropouts on the El Mariachi?-
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    Any long term reports on Alternator Dropouts on the El Mariachi?

    Now that people have been using them for over a year, I am curious how they are holding up. They seem like they would take the full brunt of any hit/day to day wear, and I'm not if they would keep chain tension in the long run.

    Do these develop play in the long term? Do they hold tension as well as horizontal drops?

    I am torn between the El Mariachi and a Surly Karate Monkey for my simple singlespeed build. I definitely like the looks of the Salsa better, and vertical dropouts are more convenient, but will they hold up and be less of a hassle than standard horizontal dropouts?

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    Obviously they work, because they are putting them on the Mukluk Ti. The bike capable of traveling to the ends of the earth. I wouldn't worry about them at all.

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    They are basically equal to a horizontal dropout in terms of forces on the clamping bolt. Most trail forces are basicall straight upwards, which puts the 2 bolts per side in shear (nothing to worry about - you only have one axle and it does fine!). Which leaves chain pull from hammering on the pedals, where EBBs are at a much stronger disadvantage than this system (all that force transmits into a torque on a couple of grub screws).

    My immediate reaction when I saw the Alternator dropouts for the first time was "ahh, finally a system that makes sense!"

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    They work very well.

    However, make sure you tighten the 2 6mm bolts down pretty good. I have lost one off of each side.

    Salsa sells a bolt kit for about $14 or just spend $2 at the hardware store.
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    Cool thing that happened to me the other day was when I snapped a spoke and bent my rear rim enough that the tire was rubbing the frame. All I had to do was adjust one side of the alternator to straighten up the wheel so there was no rubbing and road out. Would not have been able to do that on a traditional fixed dropout.

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    I've been using mine as a SS for the past 6 months or so, and the only issues I've had with slippage are when I didn't tighten the bolts enough. As a "big fella," I've definitely put some force through the chain onto the wheel cranking up some hills. I'm really happy with the design, and think it by far to be one of the best solutions out there. That said, you do have to put some grunt into those bolts, especially if you're using a bike multi-tool.

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    The spec sheet for them only calls for 8nm of torque. It really doesn't feel like much at the wrench so I give a little extra on the lower bolts. No slipping yet. I did have some brake caliper interface issues with my XTR m975 calipers. Solved it but it was a pain.

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