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    29er addict (Dos Niner content)

    Yes, I have seen the light. No, I don't plan on going back to the baby wheeled counterparts. It started this spring when I had the chance to get a Dos Niner to race on for the season as part of a demo program through the shop I work for. In years past I had spent a little bit (very minimal) of time on Fisher 29ers, however many times it was for demo rides and I never got the chance to ride the big wheels consistently on my favorite trails. I was hesitant at first, having owned some of the nicest 26" xc bikes I thought 1) that it couldn't be that much better and 2) what if I liked it so much that the 26" bikes would soon be neglected. After talkiing with the buyer from our shop, who is a huge 29er fan, he said that #2 was a really poor excuse not to try one. I soon spec'd out the bike, nothing too crazy parts wise, because if I decided against it, it had to be easy to unload and a week later everything arrived. It was faced and chased and put together. I knew after the first few rides, that this bike was special. I didn't have this feeling after riding any of my other bikes. It was fast, stable, fast, sure-footed, made small roots disappear, carried momentum, and descended like nobodys business. For the first time I felt like I rode "in" a bike rather than on top of it. The bigger inprint left me feeling much more confident carving turns and washouts were a thing of the past. I ended up riding the bike so much and started thinking about upgrading the components. A week later a buddy calls and wants to demo the bike, three nights later, I am bikeless and he is the owner of a nice, lightly-used Salsa Dos Niner. Knowing that I can't possibly go back to the other bikes, another Dos Niner goes on order-this time knowing that this bike will never leave my posession it is specd accordingly. Here I sit months later, still totally elated. It seems like I have been on the bikes more this season than in the previous two combined. Its just a blast to ride and the other bikes are history. Attached are a few pics of the evolution of a convert.
    #1- the Giant that started it all
    #2- the Fuel and Epic that I thought were the cats meow for so long
    #3- The Caballero that followed
    #4- the demo that got me hooked

    Happy Trails,
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    The keeper

    This bike is the keeper that will never leave the stable.
    #2- Drivetrain shot
    #3- Cockpit
    #4- Wheels and Hubs (Mustand Asym, King Iso with DT Green Alloy Nips)

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    Loverly story..

    Thats something that I noticed too with 29'ers.. something that you don't hear so much about...the way you tend to sit "in them" rather than 'on' them.

    I always felt that I sat 'on' my 26'ers, but with 29'ers, I sit 'in' them.

    It makes for a very stable and secure feeling..

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    It is inevitable ...

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    So, how have the races been going?

    I've yet to ride a 29er but have one on order and plan to do some XC and hopefully some longer endurance races on it. So I'm interested in hearing how well it races for you.


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    Ian- I couldn't imagine riding anything else at this point.Maybe- A Sugar or Leviathan if I decide to go the 12/24 solo route, which I plan on doing next year. As for as XC goes, phenomenal. The first race of our season had us doing three parade laps around a choppy, kind of grassy infield and the bike seriously just "went". Over the ruts, smooth as can be and in the grass, I felt like I was doing very little to maintain the momentum of the other guys. I'll tell you that I felt fresher heading into the singletrack than I ever have! Hope this helps, post pics when yours shows up.

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