• 05-26-2018
    2018 Timberjack Frame questions
    Hi everyone!
    I've been considering building a bike on a 2018 Timberjack Frame but had a couple of questions.

    1 - Anyone know where I can purchase one? I see that they are 2 AL frame colors for 2018 and they retail for $399 us. However, when I call my local dealer, they said they don't see any to order. They only have full builds available. :(

    2 - I'm trying to understand about the rear axle options. Am I reading it correctly that if I purchase the boost reduction kit and use a QR derailleur, I should be able to my older style skinny 29er wheels with QR skewers?


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  • 06-05-2018
    1 - I bought a slightly used frame because good luck getting one from a shop
    2 - yes. My build is almost done and you need boost reduction kit and 135mm QR Alternator Drop-Outs for the frame for your old 135mm QR rear hub. And a skewer. The derailleur is not part of the equation. You need the correct IS to Post Mount rear brake adapter (correct rotor size) to add to the Alternator Drop-Out to mount a brake (unless you have IS mount brake already). My frame came with the boost 148mm drop outs with 12mm threaded axle hole and through axle. I am saving those parts for the future. I had to buy the 135mm QR drop outs and the boost reduction kit. The boost kit has the longer hardware you need.