Hi all -

Looking at first new bike in 25 years. Have ridden a bunch and 2016/17 Salsa Vaya feels the best to me. The geometry gets me a little more behind the pedals than the previous geometry Vayas. The stack height is optimal and it rides zingier than everything else that fit but felt too dead.

2016 and 2017 have the same geometry. My question is about the difference between the 2016 and 2017 frame materials, if there is any. One the Salsa website the 2017 is said to be made from "Salsa Kung Fu Cromoly." The 2016 is "Vaya 4130 Cromoly."

Are the tube sets actually different? I like the way the 2017 feels, haven't been on the 2016 but would like the option of buying a '16 closeout if it's the same frame.

So same tubes marketed differently, or does Salsa make the 2017 frame with better tubes?

Thanks very much!