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    2015 Warbird Ti compared to 2016/2017 Warbird Carbon?

    I am considering buying a Warbird Ti (2015, used), but would like any comments from anyone who has ridden the Warbird Ti and the new Warbird Carbon. I realize that the 2016 carbon frames are not available, so i would need to find a used 2016 or wait for 2017.

    I am not a gravel racer, but I currently have a 11 year old Rock Lobster aluminum CX bike, and the new bike would replace that bike. I don't race CX anymore, but I ride the CX bike on pavement, jeep roads, easy to moderate singletrack, and the Warbirds look pretty perfect for that. (The other bike I am considering is a Niner RLT)

    I also currently have an El Mariachi Ti and really like it, so am assuming their Warbird Ti would at least have the same build and ride quality.

    So, anybody had the chance to ride a Warbird Ti and Warbird Carbon back to back?


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    Can't comment on the Salsa bikes but throw the Jamis Renegade on your short list of bikes to consider.

    But from a couple people I've seen on other forums...they seem happy with both the Ti and carbon versions of the Warbird. I really wanted one but being sold out of course I ended up on the Jamis but I'm happy about it. Great bike so far.
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    How much time have you spent on a Warbird?

    My though is that the Warbrd is largely a racing bike. Doesn't sound like you are racing, and for your stated usage, I think the RLT, or a Vaya, or an Advocate Lorax would probably serve you just as well and be more comfortable over the long haul. But then again, I would take a steel (or ti) frame for gravel/dirt road riding over a carbon frame any day.
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    I own a 15 ti warbird and my buddy has a 16 105 Aluminum Warbird and they ride very similiar. If I hadn't gotten a heck of deal on my ti-bird I would have just went with the Aluminum one. I find them both extremely comfortable. I upgraded from a Salsa Vaya to the warbird and don't find it any less comfy. Not sure if this will help

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    I have only spent about 20 minutes on a Warbird aluminum and an RLT 9 Steel - both test rides. The Warbird has a bit taller stack, which I like, but doesn't have some of the newer features of the RLT like thru axles, better tire clearance, etc. Probably not a big deal in the long run.

    I honestly could not tell much difference between the aluminum 2016 Warbird and the steel RLT, but it is hard to determine ride qualities when you are riding down the street and on little walking paths.

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