Currently has the Fox Float CTD on the HT. Previously had a CC Inline, Worked well but 5 years ago I stopped riding as I needed dialysis. 5 years later I get a transplant and back to riding again. CC Inline seals failed and they want $200 plus to bring it up to date. As mention went back to the OEM Fox. Weight 240 pounds and even using the stiffer nad. I can't find a PSI and or settings to be stiff enough to not bottom out and be smooth over the bumps. Square edge bumps being the worse issue.

In the past, on other bikes, I had some luck with the RS Monarch series. I searched and have not gotten a good answer.

One answer was going to the middle band. Band kit abnd labor would be around $80.00
RS Monarch RT3 $260.00
Send CC Inline back for an upgrade.

Kinda looking for what shock many are riding after 5 years. Seems Salsa has gone to the RT3 Deluxe on current models. Which is a different model to the one I'm considering.