• 01-11-2017
    2014 Horsethief sizing help please.
    Hi all,

    Ive got the chance to buy a 2014 Horsethief in lime green and wanted to check about the sizing.

    Im 6 foot and a bit (183cm) with longer torso than legs.

    Ive recently sold my 2014 stumpjumper evo 29er in large as I felt it was to short and I kept shuffling backwards on the seat to get comfy over the pedals.

    The HT I have chance to buy is also a large and comparing the sizes its slightly longet and has more reach which might help.

    What size are you running for your height and do you think the large will be ideal for me.

    Its a great spec bike with 120mm pikes and a fox doss dropper and also 1 x 11 drivetrain.


  • 01-11-2017
    I'd say at 6' you would ride a large in Salsa sizing. I'm just under 6'2" and have ridden large HTs on three occasions and they fit great. I have always ridden size large Salsas though, except for the vaya, which is a 60cm. They used to do height charts with their sizing, giving a height range for their sizes and Ive found it accurate. But maybe your're more picky than me. When Ive demoed other brands, ie Santa Cruz and Specialized, I was on an XL as I recall.
  • 01-11-2017
    Ditto. I'm 6'2 and ride a large ponyrustler but have it setup as a 29er. Fit is great. I have a 50mm stem and 800mm bars. I could probably do fine on an XL but the L feels just right. I bet you'll be happy on a large too.

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