I'd appreciate some input from any of the bike experts in this thread.

I'm looking at potentially ordering a 2014 Horsethief frame tomorrow, and would want to order a fork for it. It seems that there is a black Pike option that is 120mm out of the box, and will work great with the Horsethief.

There is a Fox 36 coming that should be lighter than the Fox 34, share the same 51mm offset, have a usable A2C at 120mm of travel, and should be fairly easy to set the travel on with optional (separate) spacers. It would allow direct mounting my XT brakes with a 180mm rotor, instead of needing an adapter.

At this point, I'd likely need to get in line for a mid-late July delivery of the Fox 36. The Pike I can likely have the guy I'm planning to buy it from get it in stock by the end of this month.

Pricewise, after adding in spacers for one and an adapter for the other, the Pike would be cheaper.

Does anyone have a reason I should lean one way or the other? I'm thinking the Pike is a known entity I can obtain sooner, and so I'm leaning that way.