2013 El Mariachi Ti

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  • 09-02-2014
    2013 El Mariachi Ti
    Do not know if discussed in past posts but, here is my issue.

    Bike developed creaking from what sounds like BB or rear.

    Replaced BB with Chris King, still have it. Cleaned bike, thoroughly, including pedals, dropouts, fork, seat-post, and BB.
    Also, checked all parts of the frame for cracks, Nothing found.

    The catch is when I first get on the bike the creaking is persistent, as the ride continues (say 8 miles in) the creaking diminishes to only when I have to drop down to small ring in the front. (climbing hard)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, including does anyone prep the dropouts with copper anti-seize.
  • 09-02-2014
    Check chainring bolts. Make sure they are torqued down properly.
  • 09-03-2014
    I had a persistent creak in my El Mar Ti that was from the BB and Crank to spindle interface (eThirteen); since switching to the XX1 system, it seems to have gone away.

    I would clean and re-install my old system and it would go away, but over time it appears that more dust would infiltrate and the squeak would be back.
  • 09-03-2014
    Sounds like chainring bolts, as your ride progresses and you fatigue, you're not putting as much pressure into the crank, until you drop into the small ring and have to hammer.
  • 09-03-2014
    I am going to check the chain ring, that is the only thing I did not go over.
  • 09-16-2014
    I recently had a creak on mine that I thought was coming from the BB/Crank area. It turned out that the 6mm bolt had stripped out the threads in my driveside alternator dropout plate. Torque spec on those bolts that thread into the plate is 8 nm. I went way over that not knowing and while it didn't strip immediately, after months of hard riding it worked it's way loose and stripped the threads. Got a new driveside plate and the creak is gone.
  • 09-20-2014
    Ti creak....drrrgghhhh...

    Make sure to check your skewers. I had one that we ripped the bike apart to find. It ended up being the rear wheel not being as tight as it needed to be -- which was way tighter than I thought it should be.
  • 09-23-2014
    Ranger Pride
    Anyone know who the Taiwanese frame manufacturer is for the Ti El Mariachi? Supposedly they manufacture Ti frames for other companies in the US so I am curious who else they are making Ti frames for. I am impressed with mine so far.
  • 09-23-2014
    I recently had a creak caused by a loose bearing seat in my freehub body. It would stop if I pedaled hard but return if I used the bigger cog of my cassette. New hub fixed the problem.