• 09-01-2015
    2010 Protoype racks - where are they now?

    Please see the front and rear racks at the top of this page. I'd love a pair of these. Does anyone know what happened to them or if there is a similar pair available?

    Thanks in advance.
  • 09-02-2015
    Salsa Minimalist, discontinued after recall.
  • 11-11-2015
    Real shame they had to recall them and stop production. I believe the reason was for applications when mounted in front it could fall and lock up the front tire. Seems like they could still sell it as a rear only application with a beefy seatpost clamp only. These racks seem like they perfectly meet the need between panniers and the wiggly large seat bag. I don't know of any other lightweight rear rack that works for a medium sized drybag. Perfect for bikepacking when you have needs that just exceed the size of a seatbag or don't like it wagging around behind you.

  • 11-12-2015
    The Salsa rack was not light enough to justify having less than half the capacity of seat post racks when I was looking for a commuting system.

    I have relied on a Bontrager seat post rack for four years. It carries about 90% of it's capacity regularly, and without complaint. Interconnect bag, dry bags, lunch box, speakers, seatpost bags, grocery bags, I've attached a lot to it.