• 03-16-2013
    '09 El Mariachi SS EBB Slippage
    I recently converted my stock 1x9 to a SS. Before the conversion the EBB/cranks would get loose easily and have a lot of play. It is areal PITA now because it will loosen on every ride and drop the chain. Grrrr.

    How do I get it to stay tight?
  • 03-29-2013
    I've never had problems on mine, same exact bike with the Bushnell EBB. I've serviced the BB twice since new and always clean the BB shell, tear down the EBB and rebuild with a light coating of grease on both. No issues.

    I've even converted a pinch-bolt BB shell bike (GT Peace) to a Bushnell EBB because the pinch bolt system slipped (read:sucked!). No slipping/loosening there and I put a lot more torque on that bike (SS) than on my El Mar.

    Are you torquing the bolt to the correct specs using a torque wrench?