First things first - I am not very experienced in the sport, so I apologize for any incorrect or inexperienced comments.

I picked up a 2018 RM Maiden for my son from our local bike park. It's the entry level build, Carbon 30 model, with the Fox Van RC coil and the Rock Shox Boxxer RC. My son tested several bikes, as they had a bunch on hand. He settled on the XL, as he's 6'2", but he's only 165-170. On his Transition Patrol, he uses every bit of travel on that suspension, and will bottom it out on the bigger hits. On his Maiden, he uses maybe half of the travel on the fork, and the rear coil is very stiff. He's young, and still novice, but is aggressive and likes the chunk and catching air. What he doesn't like too much is super high speed smooth trails. I may be mistaken, but doesn't RM spec their springs per frame size? Regardless, it's sprung too heavily. We've already picked up the "red" spring for the front (a fellow rider had one on hand), but am not sure if that's the right starting point. I believe it's one or two springs "lighter" than what is already in there. As for the rear, I believe it has the 500# or 550# spring. The guy we got the front "red" spring from is a grown man, and he's a much more experienced and aggressive rider than my son, and he runs the "yellow" spring up front, and I believe the 400# spring in the back. He's about 5, maybe 10 pounds lighter than my son. long winded question is - What springs should my son go with to take advantage of the bikes capabilities? Is the red spring a good starting point? Also, where would I get them? The FoxShox website has little info on the Van RC.

Thank you!