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    RIDE-9 - a simple model for it?


    Just getting back into mountain bike riding after a 13 year hiatus. Wow! Everything has changed in the world of bikes! Picked up a 2018 Altitude to catch up from my very old bike.

    On the RIDE-9 system. anyone have an easy model to look at it? In the 2017 and older models - the picture was easy using a quadrant with efficient to aggressive riding on one axis and weight on another. It was easy to follow along the 9 settings and understand the movement towards weight and aggressiveness etc.

    On the 2018 and later system - all the numbers have changed. And while I get that 1 is most slackest and 9 is steepest - I don't know how things move in between.

    Looking for an easy way to understand similar to the 2017 grid.

    For background I am almost 5'11" but shorter legs for that height (30 inseam in pants), 220 lbs. Not an aggressive rider as I am just getting back into it and learning so suck at everything and conservative and boy do I hate climbing.

    My local trail is Duthie Hill in Issaquah, WA.

    Thanks all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMB-PM View Post

    Hi RMB-PM,

    Thank you for the response. Yes I have that doc. Sorry I am newbie and a bit dense about suspensions and all those charts. I don't understand how 2,3,4 and 6,7,8 move through the spectrum between 1 to 5 to 9.

    On the older one model, I can understand the quadrant:

    In this model I could understand if I wanted to be a little more efficient and for heavier rider then how I move from 1 to X.

    So in the new model if I look at the 9 positions in a square and now w/ 5 being in the middle and 1 being steepest - looking for a similar model to move around the square. I did find this in a foreign site - can you confirm this works?

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    This is graphic I made up for how I interpret the latest Ride-9 chip configuration - imagine the chip is rotated a little counter-clockwise so the feather is in the 10 o'clock position (I couldn't rotate the image ~20 with MS Paint ):

    RIDE-9 - a simple model for it?-ride9.png

    My rider weight is ~190 lbs. With the chip in the default position 5, the front end wandered and made it difficult to do technical climbs or get out of the saddle. I've changed mine to position 7 and find it climbs really well in or out of the saddle but still seems stable while descending.
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