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    "Made In Canada" vs "Assembled In Canada"

    It's a disturbing trend that more and ever more manufacturing
    is moving offshore to the asian countries. Whether Rocky Mountain
    is trying to hide this fact is a moot point. It's a matter of trying
    to compete in a global market. However, obfuscation should be left
    to the politicians and manufacturers should be upfront about their
    products. For instance: I am on my third Toshiba laptop. Each of
    the previous two lasted about four years. The first was made in Japan.
    The secod was made in the Phillipines. The third was made in China.
    Each was/is one of the high end Tecra series. The respective cost
    for each was $4800 CAD, $3200 CAD and $2800 CAD. The price has
    stabilized around $2500 to $3000 regardless of where it is made.

    Back to Rocky Mountain. A couple of years ago RM and a bunch of
    others petitioned the Canadian government to impose a 30% tariff
    on asian bicycle imports. I think ProCycle spear-headed the effort.
    Needless to say, they failed miserably. The consequence is manifested
    by RM's website obfuscation. Which to some degree was always there.
    All RMB tube set frames were welded offshore. All Easton tube set frames
    were welded inhouse. It's time RM fessed up. Where is the frame welded?
    Who manufactured the tube set? And: how much does the damn frame weigh?
    Lack of openness in marketing is the fastest way to lose customers.

    As for frames from Taiwan being cheaper, I'm not sure that would
    be the case. There are just too many variables. Size of production
    run is a big facter. Then a complete high end bike has some very
    expensive components. Suspension forks alone vary from $200 to
    well over a $1000. In fact, with every complete high end bike
    the frame is probably about 30% of the full cost.

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    They'll never fess up on the REAL frame weights, that's such an important area to most bike shoppers today. I've mentioned this numerous times but a shop I worked at had a bare Vapour frame (RMB 7005 tubeset) and the catalog claimed 3.4 Ibs for an 18.5" size. The frame the store had was a 17.5, and on an accurate digital scale the actual weight was 3.8 Ibs. The only way to account for that discrepency is the powdercoat paint (powdercoats typically add a half pound in weight) which means all their catalog weights were based on unpainted frames. Which would be fine, if they told you that, and IF they offered unpainted frames as an option still. But most every model uses a powdercoat paint, with only a few exceptions being traditional oil-based wet paints.
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    I can't imagine anyone buying a Vapor would be very interested in a .4 lb weight discrepency.

    As far as the higher end frames go, every one I've seen weighed is always within a percent or two of the claimed weight.

    If you want to start a campaign against companies with misleading weight quotes start with FSA, not Rocky Mountain.

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    Well the ETSX's are off the claimed frame weights by a good half pound margin also. The point to the vapour is its the same frame from the vapour thru trailhead... just different parts/paint schemes, and they claimed the SAME 3.4 Ibs / 18.5" size for the made in canada Easton tubeset (vertex series) hardtail frames as the Made in Taiwan generic 7005 frames.
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