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    Dropper install on 2016 Blizzard

    I've just ordered up a dropper for my bike, a 2016 Rocky Mountain Blizzard -50 and looking at the frame it isn't clear on the best install line for the cable.

    It looks like it emerges from the port on the underside of the downtube? But there is also another port in the top side, yet nothing in the seat tube.

    Am I being a dumb ass or what have I missed?

    I can only assume it comes down inside seat post, maybe over BB and out of one port but i'd appreciate some experience from anyone here or even a picture would be great.



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    My 2016 Blizzard -30 has a port on the front of the seat tube near the bottom. From what I understand, the -30 and -50 frames are the same, so yours should have one there too. I can snap a picture of mine if needed.

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    Run it thru the front der cable hole on the drive side down tube
    Dropper install on 2016 Blizzard-img_20180204_124540548.jpg

    then out the bottom near the bb. Then thread the housing into the hole in the seat tube and up to the dropper.
    Dropper install on 2016 Blizzard-img_20180204_124552822.jpg

    It's kinda wierd routing but... The original Blizzard was designed with a front der. Dropper routing was originally supposed to run externally on the down tube then into the frame at the seatpost. Works much better without a front der!
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    That's a huge help thanks, I suspected it might be the bottom port and around the BB and back in again.

    Thanks so much


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    If it provides any additional comfort, mine is routed the same as ignazjr's...

    There should also be port covers in the "small parts box" that came with the bike, for just this purpose. If you don't have them, I bet your LBS has a whole bunch lying around.

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