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    Down to Four Choices

    I'm coming off 4 years of riding a Trek Fuel EX9 ( '14, '16 and '17 models) and while I can't fault the bike I am getting a bit too comfortable on it, the '17 especially just didn't excite me. I rode them all in the slack geomtery.

    Through my LBS I also have access to Rocky Mountain and I'm now going back and forth on the three trail bike options.

    Background: I'm 48 but still ride hard, my times are acceptable and I keep up with the guys 20+ years younger. I'm in Southern Ontario so it's flat but SE Michigan is close by and that has a little more up and down. We don't have big mountains !! 5'10", 32" inseam, 160lbs, regular body size.

    Bike 1: RM Instinct C70, size M. The obvious choice, it's a familiar wheelsize, dimensions are similar to the trek. I'm sure I'd be happy with the bike, but because it's the obvious choice I'm hesitant.

    Bike 2: Rm Pipeline C70, size M: Lots of guys I ride with are switching to 650b+, the traction they have is nuts. Another plus (no pun intended) is that I can put 29" wheels onto it if I want to. However one of my riding friends, whose opinion I really value, says that as I can actually ride a bike and pick lines I don't need the plus-size get-out-of-jail wheels, which leads me to his suggestion:

    Bike 3: RM Altitude C70 Shimano, size M: I'm really intrigued by this bike, 650b would be a new venture for me. My buddy says I would tear up the trails with this bike, and it looks fast (even in the pictures). But is 160mm going to hamper me on mostly flatter trails where there is no "big mountain".

    Bike 4: Something else. Another Fuel EX or a Remedy? It has to be either RM or Trek, as those are the brands my LBS carries.

    I know... first world problems.

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    Your best value is to go with the Pipeline and then you can pickup a 29" wheelset to convert it to an Instinct on a seasonal basis so you have the fatter tires in shoulder season and the skinnier wagon wheel wheelset in the summer. They both come with the lower headset spacer to make that conversion, but it is going to be easier to find an off-the-shelf 29" wheelset than the 27.5+ wheelset.

    The Altitude really is a "Do you even Enduro, bro" bike so if you were planning on making trips to places with more elevation, like Mont Sainte Anne and Bromont, or Blue Mountain, then you might start to notice the difference between the Pipeline and Altitude.

    Then again maybe not...

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    I am considering the Instinct and Pipeline too. I already have an older Altitude that I ride a lot so don't feel the need to get a new one of those. The reasons I am thinking the Pipeline over the Instinct are that I would buy a second set of wheels whichever bike I get. I'd likely get a good set of 29" wheels for the Pipeline (hoping to find a good deal on some carbon hoops over winter) and use those at least 50% of the time. The second reason I like the Pipeline is a little more personal - I just prefer the orange and black colourscheme over either of the Instinct colours.
    The only difference I can spot between the 2 bikes, other than wheels, is the brakes. I'm fine with the Shimano XTs on the Pipeline so no issues there.
    If you are planning to buy a second set of wheels for the Instinct/Pipeline (and who wouldn't?) I have found that there are a lot more deals on high quality 29er wheels than 650b+ wheels.
    Good luck

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    What Boofhead said. The Pipeline and the Instinct are the same bike except wheels and brakes. I've got a 2018 Altitude right at present. I love it, but you need to have the right terrain for that bike to be an every day ride. Pick up either an Instinct or Pipeline, whichever color you like better, and get a seperate set of wheels for it - you'll basically end up with 2 bikes in one that way.
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    I voted for "something else".
    1) Just wait a couple of months.
    2) A new Thunderbolt is coming out.
    3) Imagine if it would have a 140 mm BC edition, sort of a mini-Altitude...
    4) Ride it like you stole it.

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    Down to Four Choices

    Life is Short. Mix things up a bit. Try a 27.5 wheeled bike. I have the altitude and love it. I was a 29er Fanatic and still am. I had the opportunity to demo an Altitude. Changed my mentality forever. I couldnít be happier. Loving how different a 27.5 bike rides. Itís too much fun. I ride in western Pennsylvania and there is not huge elevation there. But I do go to West Virginia and the Carolinas a lot. Go crazy and try the altitude or wait for the thunderbolt

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    Hi Bob. I'm an Ontarian and have ridden some of those bikes. I too consider myself a hard charger and I will tell you that I hate (I know it's a strong word) plus bikes. To me they feel way too planted and not playful. I have friends that love them and it's improved their riding and love of the trails, so I'm not against them, but I suspect you might not be a fan either.

    I've always enjoyed the under-biked feeling, but recently went with a Giant Trance (150/140) and it is amazing how well the modern trail bike handles fast and slow terrain, though there is no doubt about it, every bike is a compromise. I consider it too much travel for 90% of the riding I do, but for trips to Mt. Ste. Marie/Blue Mountain/Burke Mountain/BC, it will be great and it's still very good climber for Ontario XC.

    In going to the Trance, I went from 29 to 27.5 and while I certainly enjoy the Trance as a bike, I miss the big wheels. For that reason, my vote would be the Instinct. I just saw one built up at my local shop and it looked beautiful. Like all new Rockies, it's getting great reviews.

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    Cheers everyone for the replies, insight and opinions.

    I've got a few months before I buy, and maybe I'll wait and see what a new Thunderbolt looks like as well (if a BC version is made).

    I also have to ask the RM rep to get a couple of demo bikes down to compare.

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    I have the Instinct C50, it is a wicked all rounder. i can stick with my xc friends on long smooth access road climbs but it handles the chunky stuff (up & down) so well. Awesome bike

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