AL50 instinct BC edition as a do it all trail bike?-
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    AL50 instinct BC edition as a do it all trail bike?

    The AL50 BC edition is on my very short list for my next bike that I'll be buying in the next couple months. The problem for me is that it's going to be difficult to get any good test time in on one of these. On paper it's great though as it's not TOO tilted toward downhill.

    I live in SW Idaho and the trails are generally pretty buff but there's quite a bit of climbing-2000 to 3000+ feet is pretty normal for a weekend ride. I'm not worried about being slow, but some bikes are miserable to make those kinds of climbs on. Sun Valley and McCall are only a couple hours away.

    Also I'm a pretty big guy (6'2, 235) and my budget is =<$4k.

    I thought the AL50BC had a really good build for the money with beefier components, I hate flexy forks. I would put lighter tires on it and probably switch out the freehub body and put a GX cassette on it and call it a day for mods. That should save a pound or two but I'm not a weight-weenie, and I can put the heavier tires back on when the trail demands it.

    So my questions are: I'd like to hear experiences with the BC, particularly the AL edition if anyone has one. Do you think I'd be crazy to pick this up as a trail bike? What's your climbing experiences like and do you think it's maneuverable enough for trail riding (particularly uphill) or do you have to fight it on tight turns?

    Thanks in advance for feedback.

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    She's a long bike, so ultra ultra tight switchbacks are a bit of work, but after about a week on the bike I got used to it no problem. But I went a size up intentionally. She does trail duty really well, but the 140mm Instinct was noticeably more trail oriented and a better climber. Have you looked at those? That might save you some bucks. Can the BC do trail duty? Sure, absolutely, but it's a missile at speed and really comes alive when pushed harder. If I were going strictly trail, I'd go 140mm instinct with a 150 fork.

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    That's good input, thank you. I did look at the non-BC instinct AL50 as well. I haven't been a huge fan of the Fox 34s which is my main stumbling block on that model. The build kit on the BC is so good for the price too.

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