Has anybody run a 29er fork on an altitude before? My Bos fork on my '14 Altitude is out of commission and I can't seem to get these things serviced around here (long story but I screwed it up trying to do it myself!), plus I recently picked up a Trek Slash that is now my big trail bike and I happen to have a great condition DVO Diamond 29er fork set to 140 mm on my HT and I was thinking it might be fun to experiment by putting the DVO Diamond 29er fork on my Altitude - make it into a slightly more XC oriented but still very capable trail bike to compliment the Slash, which is basically almost like a DH bike that just happens to pedal very well - I could even play with the geo a bit with the Ride 9 chip to fine tune it. I know Foes has a 29 F / 27.5 R bike that some people really like, and I had a buddy who loved his Bronson set up with a 29er fork.

Has anybody done this before? Any other thoughts or comments about this concept Thanks for your input!