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    2020 Instinct BC Edition

    Hi all,

    I am quite close to purchasing my first RM, a 2020 Instinct BC edition. There is very little information on these on the internet, and from what I can read a lot of the reviews are about how well it climbs. Has anyone with one able to share their views on how it handles going downhill, particularly on tight tecnical trails.

    I am coming off a 27.5 Norco Range then a brief spell on a 2019 Canyon Strive, of which I loved the 29er feel and the way it rode.

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    Jason rode one recently on his mtbyumyum youtube channel and I think commented on the shorter offset fork making it a bit better in tight turns.
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    I think a lot of the reviews focus on how well it climbs because when the platform was brand new it really, really stood out from the crowd as far as being quite a bit more efficient than what else was on the market. They descend great as well, and IMO the instinct platform corners particularly well, but I don't think there's any modern bikes that are lacklustre descending bikes in this travel category - which is why many reviews focus on the highlight, which is climbing.

    There's plenty of media out there - keep in mind the 2018/2019 reviews are largely relevant today, just the fork offset and some spec choices have changed.

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    i'm guessing you know the name Jesse Melamed. google him and watch any of his videos in the last 2 years, including his latest from a couple weeks ago. all on the I BC, and you'll get a sense of at least how HE can ride it down hill. a local masters rider (early 40's guy) won the single crown category at the local DH race on his. there are longer and slacker enduro bikes for sure, the IBC is more well rounded and trail bike like, but can do anything.

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    I picked up one in mid-October- Made a trip to GJ/Moab with it and was super stoked. Then railed it on my local trails since, trail conditions aren't that varied from summer (But fitness is far lower) and my times have me just as fast or faster than previous bike.

    I'm coming off a Commencal Meta AM 27.5(with a coil)- I rode that bike hard for 2 seasons and it ate up everything i could throw at it without issue. But I've noticed on the RM that it was far poppier (Air- replaced stock dpx2 with a Fox Float) and feels much nimbler. I havent had a chance to throw it into the gnarliest kinda stuff that the Meta just dove into, but I dont really feel like the RM would be holding back even in that type of terrain.

    I'm pretty happy with this bike as it climbs much better, accelerates quicker, is poppier and doesnt seem to be held back once it gets pretty tasty- which is everything i was looking for in a new enduro race rig

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