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    2020 Element Carbon 50

    Anyone seen one of these in the flesh, or better yet, ridden one?


    I'm looking at this for my next XC bike (currently on a Norco Revolver - lowest end model w/ NX).

    Current bike is 100/100 w/ rigid post and I'm just wondering whether the Element will be 'more' bike than I need for XC racing.

    I'm in southern Ontario, Canada, so relatively smooth stuff without a ton of elevation. Typically pretty hardpack rolling courses.

    I like the idea of a dropper and a little more travel in case I want to get more rowdy (planning a trip to Kingdom Trails this year).

    I guess I'm really just looking for some motivation to pull the trigger

    Thanks for enabling me in advance.

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    elements are fantastic little XC rockets and were far ahead of their time when the platform was released. They're the original "downcountry" bike and if you're a geek about modding geo and stuff they are up there with the most mod friendly bikes on the planet. The platform is a bit older now compared to something like the new revolver, but the sheer amount of stuff you can fiddle with on this bike makes it pretty adaptable to future needs.

    They're drop dead gorgeous in person, I haven't seen the 2020 but it looks nearly identical to a couple other paint schemes they've done on the same platform in the past, just has some more maple leaves on it.

    The element is MORE than you need for XC racing in the sense that you could run it as 100/100 with a rigid post (formerly called the XCO EDITION), but it's really a lot more fun how they come stock and for most humans I doubt you'd see a time difference between the two... actually the dropper post might be faster over all as it lets you rest more on the way down without sacrificing speed (this is a belief that comes from one of Canada's best XCO athletes).

    All that said, I personally would have a hard time buying an element in 2020, especially when you have bikes that are going to be just as fast but are maybe a bit more up to date. The element is still a great little bike, and I think the 2020 ones are still going to sell. However, if you're the kind of person who will be disappointed in 8-18 months when the newer platform drops (this is a pure guess) then don't get one. If you won't care and will love your little element the same, then go for it. One thing that I will mention is that the pedaling platform is amazing on any of Rocky's bikes under 140mm, and there's no changing or making that out of date.

    I cut my teeth at the Kelso Tuesday night XC series before moving west so I'm probably familiar with similar trails to what you're riding .

    Edit: One other thing that's worth mentioning is the element can fit 2 water bottle cages (although I think the small doesn't do it as well). This is amazing and most full sus bikes cant do that at all.
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    Thanks for the reply. I think you pretty much summed up what I've been thinking - and also got me excited at the same time!

    Turns out Rocky Mountain stock isn't looking great for the new Element (I wonder if it's a new SLX 12sp issue?). So might be looking at the new Revolver after all. Just not sure I really want full 120mm front/back. Definitely liked the 100/100 on the previous version. That thing was a rocket.

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