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    2011 RM Flatline Pro IGUS bushing question

    Bought a well used Flatline pro with a bit of what I initially thought was bearing play. Turns out although the bearings will be replaced, there is some significant IGUS bushing wear (worn through) in addition to the hex pin being worn down.

    Anyway I have all the parts & everything is torn down but the original Igus bushings feel like they're glued in. Anyone know if they are from the factory? If so what glue was used? My thoughts are a bit of heat to see if I can get the glue flowing rather than tearing them out and potentially making a mess of things.

    If you've got any suggestions I'm open to them.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Shouldn't be any glue, here's the info from the tech manual, but if they have been exposed to a lot of moisture they can be stuck solidly...

    All IGUS bushings are a dry fit installation and function. They require NO grease or oil to install or function. Only after washing with water should the bushing area be sprayed lightly with WD-40 to disperse water, and then wiped clean to prevent dirt buildup. Caution: prolonged exposure to water can cause the bushings to swell.


    The process for installation and removal is quite simple. They are a mild friction fit and do not need any special tools to install or remove. To install, using a pivot thru- bolt works best. Slip the bushing with the round starter edge towards the frame over the thru-bolt, insert the thru-bolt with the bushing against the base of the bolt head and the round starter edge against the frame, into the pivot mount hole and tap lightly until the bushing is FLUSH with the face of the pivot mount. These bushings are self-lubricating and do not need any grease or oil to help them work.


    Using a round metal dowel, gently punch the bushings through from the opposite side. Always replace with new bushings when re-installing.
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    Well that's more detailed & concise than I could have hoped for. Thanks Rockyuphill, you da man!

    Update: The bushings took some time to pop out, but they did. New bushings and pin in, decided to replaced 2 suspect bushings. Good to go & no more slop! Thanks again!
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