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    Undecided - Fulcrum 29SL or Mavic TN719 laced to SLX / Ritchey etc Hubs?

    Hi, am looking to get into the whole 29er thing. Wondering if I would be better served with a off the shelf Fulcrum Red Metal 29SL wheelset or would it be better to build a wheelset with a qualified builder obviously.

    If going the build own wheelset path, I will be using Mavic TN719 laced to probably a Ritchey Pro S front hub or an XT front hub and I will be using shimano SLX 29er specific rear hub. Riding will be mostly XC. I would like to be able to run wider road tires on the rims as well.... say a 700 x 35 tire...

    Any thoughts as to which would be better for me? I figured the build route would cost me just a bit more than the Fulcrum wheelset.

    I weigh about 91kg fully loaded and ride like a bull in a china shop....

    Some opinions please...

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    We are close to the same weight although my weight is dropping due to riding which is the plan. I just built my first 29er hardtail with TN719 rims with Shimano XT hubs...bought the wheels pre-built at Pricepoint. They are 32 spoke and for the $$ one of the best deals out there with one cavaet. Weight is the enemy big time with 29er wheels when it comes to acceleration. My new bike cruises fine at high speed which is why I built it but acceleration is noticably more sluggish than an equivalent 26er hardtail. The ride is a lot better however which allows me to train more and these wheels are pretty stiff. The work around for this for 29ers unfortunately is spend a lot on a high end wheelset to get the weight down to 1600g or so per pair. Rim weight FWIW is more important than hub weight so you don't need the absolute lightest hubs. So the TN719's are great for training which is why I built the bike but for racing, look elsewhere. Can't speak to the Fulcrums but if you don't have 32 spokes or weigh over 2000 grams, buy the TN719's would be my advice.
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