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    Syncros/Ritchey customer service?

    Where is it!

    Anyone else have issues?

    I ordered a pair of rims last month. I received them recently, thank goodness (Holiday item). I was put out by the fact that after receiving the original notice that I had placed the order there were no further updates to it being backordered or shipped. Even now, if I go on their website it lists my order as pending. Pending...I've already received them!

    I was concerned that they wouldn't come in time for the holiday so I called customer support and left multiple voice mails. I emailed them a few times as well. No return calls, no return emails...Nothing! What's with that!

    In compairison. I just recently placed an order for a SDG saddle direct. I got multiple emails about my order as it went through it's multiple processes. It shipped out next day. They sent me a tracking number for UPS and sent one more email letting me know that the had done all that. Nice!!!

    Is it that Syncros/Ritchey can't be bothered with the one order shopper? If this is so, why have an online web store.

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    It's taken them a year of more to implement their online store, most companies setting out to do this completely underestimate what's involved, don't hire people to specifically handle it, and have no idea what information they need to get from the web store software, and how to develop the tracking of order info to update the customers. What you're describing is on par with most companies first dabbling in online sales.

    The Syncros online store is an attempt to get exposure for their products in areas where dealers don't carry the line. For most companies that don't have the online sales business as a key part of their business plan (like most component manufacturers), it sort of bumps along being handled by whatever office person doesn't have something else to do. They often don't have people available to respond to email inquiries, and sometimes they don't even have the store inquiry emails forwarded to a staff person, they stack up in dedicated email inbox somewhere until someone remembers it's been a couple of weeks since they last checked. They often don't have the packing material to ship small orders, so everything becomes labour intensive and just adds to the TO DO list.

    So in large measure, you're still doing better than many other manufacturers' direct websites would have done, they actually shipped your order. Even companies that have online sales as the main part of the business model will take a year to figure out how to do it well.

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    BMJ: Marshall here from Syncros. I will check into the email confirmation thing, and why you didn't receive one. That needs to be fixed. My apologies.
    The flip side is that I didn't receive any emails from you. I answer every email that comes to the web site before 8:00AM Pacific Time every day and during the day until 6:00pm. Please let me know via private email what address you have been trying to contact and I will get back to you.
    Talk to you soon.

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