Syncros DP25s run w/ Stan's NoTubes?-
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    Syncros DP25s run w/ Stan's NoTubes?

    The Syncros DP25 rim isn't listed on the NoTubes site and their forums seem to indicate they haven't set up this rim w/ Stan's. I searched here and found a recommendation to use a plastic rim strip underneath the NoTubes strip because the DP25 is a deeper rim. Has anyone set up these rims w/ Stan's? Could I get away w/ a layer or two of Velox rim tape instead of a plastic rim strip? Any other notes or tips?

    I'm a noob at the tubeless thing but am hoping to convert w/ my current wheelset.
    -Thanks for any advice

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    All you can do is give it a try...

    I know that there are certain rims that Stans recommends using the standard cloth rim tape, like velox, under the rubber rim strip instead of the strapping tape that comes with the kit. This is usually due to a deeper rim profile and/or deeper bead hook channel. Most Mavic rims Stans recommends setting up with cloth tape, I know I had a set of 719's that I ran tubeless with a Stans kit, and using velox tape under the rubber strip was the only way they'd seal up. So I'd say give it a try with a single layer of velox to start with and see what happens. I haven't heard of a rim yet that takes two layers, but you never know. Just one tip, if you use velox tape, DO NOT overlap the tape like you would for a tubed set up. Cut the tape so that the ends are as close together as possible. Flush is good, but don't overlap the ends. It will create a bump in the rubber sealing strip that will cause problems with the bead seal.

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