Syncros 10mm rear QR repeatedly comes loose????-
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    Syncros 10mm rear QR repeatedly comes loose????

    I can't figure what is happening. My Syncros 10 mm rear quick release comes loose about every 2.5-3 miles. It is freaking me out as one time the rear wheel came out of the dropouts on a simple bunny hop over a rock.

    It is a new bike. Syncros sent me a new 10mm QR and I got the same results. I examined the bike carefully and noticed two things.
    1. two of the screws in the derailleur hanger were protruding, not allowing the skewer nut teeth to fully engage the dropout. I tightened the one screw and filed the other flush.

    2. on the non-drive side of the rear wheel the bearing cap was tight, TIGHT! it was locked against the hub and took some effort to loosen it. It was then adjusted properly.

    AFTER taking care of the above the QR still comes loose!!!!

    The QR lever does not move, which means the nut must be moving. The syncros nut is all aluminum. I noticed other skewers have metal cap. Is the aluminum too soft? the teeth are getting crushed.

    It seems to loosen quickly. I can check the qr and it is tight, a short distance later the brake rotor will squeal, I check the qr and it is loose. WTF????

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    Syncros 10mm QR

    CJ: Marshall here at Syncros. Can you email me so we can work again to get this looked after. It is very strange that this is happening even with the new QR. Thanks.

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    thanks Marshall!

    I want to thank you for all of your and Jesse's help in trying to solve my rear skewer coming lose. I really appreciate the fact that the people at Syncros put effort into trying to solve my problem.

    I chose to return the bike to REI.

    The interest and support from Syncros made a huge impression on me.


    Charlie Johnson

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