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    New question here. Ritchey Tom Slicks - Fit my rim??

    Sup peeps!

    Please excuse my "newbieness", but I have a question. I have a 2005 Jamis Durango Sx (stock - http://www.bikepedia.com/quickbike/B...o+SX&Type=bike) that I would like to put slicks on - preferably the Ritchey Tom's 1.0 or 1.4. Will the tire fit and would i have to get new tubes??? If not, which slicks will??

    I appreciate your responses!!!


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    Have tried several slicks in the past few years.

    1.0 is definitely on the (too) narrow side, both technically and performance wise.

    I am a big fan of the Vittoria's:


    You can't beat the weight and speed. Will fit on almost any MTB rim.

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    Look into Specialized Nimbus tires. They are 1.5 wide and a fast rolling tire, and barely wear!
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    I second the numbus, regular not the Armadillo if you can find them. If not, the armadillo as still good just a little heavier.

    If you're set on the ritcheys, get the 1.4s they will fit. 1.0s will technically fit too, they are just too narrow for a mountain bike IMO.

    You will probably have to get new tubes, if the ones in your tires now are a little old they will probably leak after you swap the new tires on.

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    I have used the Tom Slick 1.0 in the past for commuting, but I bent a rim pretty bad jumping a curb. Admittedly my tire pressure was too low, but I was running late so I didn't pump it up. I had also gotten plenty of pinch flats on these. If you get tires this small, you should probably treat it like a road bike. These were just too small for my riding style of jumping curbs and taking off-road shortcuts. These tires just didn't have much margin for error. These tires are very fast and light, so if you don't need durability go for it. If you want this type of tire, consider going all the way and buying a road bike. Its a pain to have a heavy, slow mountain bike with road bike durability! Maybe the 1.4" size would be OK, though.

    Now I use the Michelin City tire 26x1.85. These are much higher volume, but slick down the middle. I can jump curbs or run over any bump without flatting. I also don't have to run super high pressures so it has a softer ride. These tires also are very thick and heavy for flat resistance. I live in Michigan, so I need a beefy tire to ride on the street. I think most of our trails are in better condition than the roads!

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