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    Ritchey P-650b rear brake cable routing - work-around, or buy new brakes?

    Just finished my new Ritchey 650b. I chose Avid BB7 mechanical discs. But oops, it appears the rear brake cable routing will only work for hydraulics that can accommodate a more than 90 degree cable bend at the caliper. You can see in the photo that because the rear brake cable is routed down the seat stay instead of the chain stay, it causes the cable to need to either bend dramatically like many hydraulics can do, or as I have done, leave a big loop of mechanical cable/housing hanging off that area. This seems like a lame solution. Anyone have a better idea for mechanical discs for this frame, or will I need to go hydraulic?

    Side note: Assuming I did everything right, should I be surprised that I am in this position? I thought that frames are usually designed to accommodate a wide variety of disc systems for a certain rotor bolt standard. Having to think about whether my brake cables will be routable seems like a strange thing to need to estimate. I'll also note that nowhere on Ritchey's website does it state that I can only use hydraulic discs with certain routing characteristics.

    Ritchey P-650b rear brake cable routing - work-around, or buy new brakes?-wp_20141010_003.jpg

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    It does mention hydro only on the 650b listing:

    P-650b Mountain Frame

    second to last bullet.

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    They just added that after I sent them an email. They told me they'd do it "since you brought it up". I was surprised that this was the first they'd heard of this considering the popularity of mechanical discs like the Avid BB7. Surely I was not the first to attempt to install this brake on that frame.

    The upshot for me: I've ordered an XT hydraulic brakeset and will swap out the BB7s. Anyone want to buy a new BB7 brakeset with Speed Dial SL levers and rotors? Housing in the rear is full length!

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    It's not just Rithcey frames that have this issue. It's many frames. Brake manufacturers have moved to an adjustable angle interface to accommodate all of the the various possible combinations of cable routing and brake mounts. Some hydro brakes will still have odd routing configurations as well - unless the angle is adjustable.

    I ran into the same issue trying to run older Magura Martas on my fat bike. I ended up buying new calipers.
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    I've got some old V-brake noodles, one in particular that has a fairly tight bend that I am thinking of using on this setup with BB-7s.
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