My 1991/1992 P-22 tweak-build-
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    My 1991/1992 P-22 tweak-build

    Hello there Ritchey fans, ok, I started a brief Ritchey P-22 re-build-lite thread, can't in any honesty call this a build, but you get the point. So, I couldn't pass up on this amazing P-22 deal, she's TIGed, but in simply wonderful condition and fits me like a glove. Here's a couple pics of how it arrived, it must have spent it's life as a lightly used commuter, but no longer. Here are a couple quick details: Serial # 1701 (between 91' & 92'), Size t-c 20", odd mix of parts, but this is the way the original owner wanted it, but not quite what I have in mind. This is where I could use some advice and guidance, but more on that later (sorry in advance for photos), oh and tell me if this is wrong place for this thread?My 1991/1992 P-22 tweak-build-img_0210.jpgMy 1991/1992 P-22 tweak-build-img_0214.jpgMy 1991/1992 P-22 tweak-build-img_0211.jpgMy 1991/1992 P-22 tweak-build-img_0212.jpg

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    It's a start

    Here are a couple parts that I removed/swapped out.
    Kinda funky pedals? Any takers, (gratis)?
    My 1991/1992 P-22 tweak-build-pedals.jpg

    The saddle, My 1991/1992 P-22 tweak-build-img_0218.jpg

    I also removed some unremarkable bar ends

    Items I think I would like to replace:

    Crank: currently Shimano Ultegra (I believe), double ring. I'd like to put a Ritchey triple on there, but will have to wait for a decent one to show up somewhere, there's one in Germany for $135, but not in the budget right now. Or I could put on some early mid 1990's XT?

    Wheelset: The current ones are fine, but I was thinking of doing something that I'm sure would not be approved of here (but I'll give it try and see what they look like). OK, I have a 1990's (mid to late) pair of XTs with some red anodized Mavic 517s (these are like), see pic, the cassette is x9, and the current rear is x8, not a big deal, right?

    Current:My 1991/1992 P-22 tweak-build-img_0213.jpg

    Thinking of using these:My 1991/1992 P-22 tweak-build-img_0202.jpg

    Bars: Not a big deal, the current ones are not quite too my liking, but not too awful. If possible I was thinking some preferably un-cut slightly longer Ritchey's from the 1990's complite/prolite/forcelite or WCS
    My 1991/1992 P-22 tweak-build-img_0227.jpg

    OK, that's all for now, here's a quick pic of what she looks like now before a short ride to work. As I said I know this is far from a build, but to get her dialed in for me, there's a few things left to do and some parts to find.
    My 1991/1992 P-22 tweak-build-img_0234.jpg

    Dig it, take care and best you's

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