Thinking about to shave some weight on my bike with integrated seatpost. problem is my ISP without face slot, so the selection of seatpost clamp is limited .

so I could use seatpost clamp with 'L' lock face + any shorten seatposts.

clamp with 'L' lock face

w/o 'L' - cant use


but I rather wanna try these, coz the set up of normal clamp + any seatposts would be heavy;

1st choice Tune 75g

2nd choice 82g but with other clamp

3rd, this one come with 10 scott RC, dont know the weight, but I think it's heavy.

anyone knows the distance of Tune's / Ritchey above from the center of seat post rail clamp to the top of seat tube (suppose all the way down of your clamp)?

what is your setup