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    X -post from SS forums - Spring ride reports (Moab, Fruita, Kokopelli and more)

    So a few months back, I posted my Misfit Psycles DiSSent 29er build. A few people had suggested to post a ride report. The bike sat around for a while, as our seemingly never ending winter in Eastern Ontario never seemed to go away. Rather than get it all gummed up with road salt and such, I kept it warm in the safe confines of my basement. Anticipation builds...

    Finally things melted and I decided to get some quality miles on the bike before posting back. I figured why not kill two birds with one stone, a review on my experience so far, and also summarize the last couple months of riding which have included an EPIC 10-day escape to Fruita and Moab.

    First things first... a little refresher on the build:

    Here is the original thread:

    I was able to get out to some local trails and get used to the bike (thankfully!) just in time before going to Colorado. I was worried we would never get some decent weather to get adjusted to the bike.

    The final weigh in of the build was about 10kg give or take a bit. I got the wheels setup tubeless too which has been working flawlessly with the Stans ZTR 355 rims and yellow tape setup. I have been able to run the Exiwolf 2.35's and some Bontrager XCR tires tubeless, both without any issues. Here it is after its first ride on dirt with the Bontrager tires.

    Compared to the Zion, Karate Monkey, and Surly 1x1 singlespeeds I have ridden before, this bike felt just perfect. I tend to not like the top tube too long so rather than go with a 19" (I am 5' 10"), I went with a 17" and brought the seatpost up. Cockpit feels awesome with the inverse stem and the Salsa bars. I am not one to say the bike made me faster but after a few runs on some local trails (the Don Valley in Toronto), I felt like I was much better fit to the new setup and was ripping around faster than I have in the past.

    I have never really ridden a relatively light-weight/racey wheelset (let alone wheels that I built for my first time), so I didn't know what to expect. They felt awesome and seemed to accelerate so quickly.

    Not long after, it was time to change some things on the bike for a local race (Paris to Ancaster), which was more well suited to a cross bike. I got the bike setup in the nick of time with a 38T ENO ring and some WTB Crosswolf tires. The Crosswolf tires also worked tubeless!

    Race results were mediocre, nothing to write home about, 400 something out of about 1000+ riders. Not bad but I don't think the 38:18 gear ratio worked out quite as expected during the road sections. I was still spinning like a mad man.

    With little time to tinker around with anything else, my original tire/crank setup went back on and it was off to Colorado. I should also mention I have never looked forward to a vacation as much as this one. I just graduated from University and it was a great way to kick-off life in the "real world".

    Our plan in Colorado was to stay in Fruita, ride the trails at Loma, 18 Rd, Slickrock, and then we were joining up with the Bikerpelli ride to do the Kokopelli trail from start to finish.

    The group of us that went down consisted of 4 of us, 2 of us on Misfit singlespeeds, and 2 others on full squish geared bikes.

    Day 1 was all travel. We flew in from Toronto and landed in Denver. Bike bins arrived safely and timely. Only complaint was United's misleading charges for traveling with a bike, $135 bucks is ridiculous, especially after quoting us $80 (Thankfully Air Canada didn't charge us a dime to fly back with them).

    We rented a van and drove from Denver. The mountain passes were gorgeous. We even started getting worried after seeing all the snow, but we knew inside things would shape up by the time we reached Fruita.

    In Fruita we stayed at the Colorado River State park...which worked out great. Not exactly wilderness camping (we could see the lights from the town and highway from our campsite) but it was probably for the best seeing as we couldn't travel with stoves and lots of heavy camping gear.

    The next day was our debut to riding the Colorado trails and we decided to start with the Loma trailhead. We ended up beginning with 'Moore Fun', which was said to be one of the more technical trails there, but it was a blast. One of those trails I think you could keep returning to for a long time trying to clear the whole thing. The view from the vista's at Loma were awesome.

    After reaching the top of Moore Fun, we ran into a local rider who must have witnessed a leg numbing climb on the SS and proclaimed "Rip it, shred it, ride it, rigid is realllllllllll!!!"

    We also rode Steve's Loop, Handcuffs, Mary's Loop, and Troy Built. I know I know, we didn't get to ride Horsetheif! Next time!

    That night we went to the Outback Steakhouse in Grand Junction. Everything seemed fine until the next morning. We decided to hit 18 road, when during our climb through Prime Cut, I started puking everywhere. After many more hours of puking, it became clear that I got hit with a mean case of food poisoning. Nothing would stay down for a good 10 hours.

    I crashed at one of our friends hotel rooms who wasn't up for camping. Day 3 down the drain.

    The next day was our trip to Moab to ride Slickrock. We knew we would be back when we finished the Kokopelli but we were unsure if we would have a chance to ride Slickrock. The drive to Moab down HWY 128 was beautiful, tons of picturesque views. However, I still felt like garbage by the time we got to Slickrock...

    BUT, how can you turn down Slickrock and waste away another day of riding. Saddle up!

    We had a few people discourage us from riding SS at Slickrock because some of the climbs were so steep, but we rarely had an issue making it up most of the climbs. I somehow regained my energy to ride in a very short period of time. What a blast!

    The next day was our last day of riding before the Kokopelli ride so we decided to go back to 18 rd since I missed out on the previous adventure there.

    Zippity Do Da was our favourite trail there, probably the first time I have seen break ruts on an uphill! Kessel's run was also a blast. Not too many pics from 18rd though.

    The Dinosaurs and bikes intertwined into the local culture in Fruita was awesome!

    The next day was the start of the Kokopelli ride. We started in Fruita. Craig and I being on singlespeeds had a bit of traffic to contend with on the climbs but we weaseled our way through and were able to get to the first sag stop before the impending weather got us. Others weren't so lucky and had to deal with a fair bit of mud.

    We encountered a little hike a bike (thankfully it was a light bike! spindley arms would have struggled with a big full squishy).

    The western rim trail was outstanding:

    The day ended with a really long steep climb to the campsite...even most of the geared guys had to walk this one.

    The following morning was our miles day. Lots of dirt road but there were some really nasty downhill sections with lots of rocks. A real test on a rigid fork. The day ended with some grueling climbs in the blistering sun.

    We had a great campsite at the foot of the red rocks with a nice view of the snow capped La Sal mtns.

    The following day was our climbing day. We had a good 3hrs of climbing up to the snowline from where we camped.

    After the first section of climbing, the second half of the day was Porcupine Rim. People seemed to think Craig and myself were nuts to ride "the rim" fully rigid, but we thought it was a blast. Lots of quick steering to pick nice lines. It sure beat me up but I loved every minute of it!

    Outta the way full-squish!

    We also rode with another 29er SS on the ride; Brian, who runs a bike shop in Vail, was riding his Niner.

    Reflecting back to my initial thread, a couple people had reflected some concerns about my first wheel-build being with such light rims (ZTR 355 29ers) and frankly I was pretty worried myself, having so little experience. Happy to say that the wheels held up perfectly after 350km of abuse, especially from Porcupine Rim. The wheels are still rolling smoothly! Despite their weight, these wheels are definitely durable!

    After that it was back to Toronto. Spotted the bike bins going to the airplane. *sigh of relief*


    After that it was back home to Toronto. By now I have become super comfortable riding the Misfit, and it has definitely proven itself as being trail worthy. Compared to a lot of bikes I have ridden, and I think this is a combination of the fitting and component selection, but it is probably the most comfortable bike I have had. It feels really natural when getting behind the seat on descents, and feels super stable on the downhills. The WB carbon fork has worked out great with this bike too.

    Upon returning it was our weekly Tuesday night race. Normally within our group of SS riders I am right at the back. This year the last two races have been quite the opposite. With a 2nd place and a 3rd place finish. The mileage in Colorado and new bike seem to be working!

    Following that weekend was another first. A few of us decided to enter a 24 hour race, entitled Life$tyle$ of the Rich and Famous. A few of us decided to go solo on singlespeeds.

    I decided with all of the consecutive riding that would occur, I would throw on a Reba Race just for this race to reduce the abuse to my arms.

    We started off riding for 12 hours straight, hammering out 11 laps. Just after midnight, we decided (with another 8 hour race coming up in a week) that we would sleep for a few hours and wake up and ride stronger for a few more laps to reach our goal of 16 laps.

    Peter,from Misfit Psycles, and myself decided to ride together for pacing for the duration of the race. By the end of it we hit our 16 lap goal for a total of 210 or so km. We tied for 3rd place. Ahead of us was another buddy (also on a Misfit) who scored second!

    They had to arbitrarily pick one of us to be 3rd, so they picked me. Our predetermined idea was to saw the metal in half!


    All in all this has been a great start to the season and it is not even June! I have been super happy with the bike, the component selection and haven;t had any problems. Not one mechanical or flat to date. I should also note that the sliding dropouts have worked awesome and have yet to slip. Tire clearance on the frame has also worked out without a hitch with the 2.35 Exi's. It would be able to fit a bigger tire like a 2.4 no problem!

    Anyways, sorry for such a long post but I figured I would compile all of my experiences on the new ride into one "super thread".
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    I wish I could do all that. (Other than the bad food part).

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    Great report. Looks like a terrific trip.

    I don't get the SS thing but that bike looks beautiful and I really admire folks who can spin out the long miles on an SS and tackle all the fun techy stuff too. Looks like a fun bike.

    Thanks for the passion post.
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    Nice report of a cool trip.

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    SS is fun out in Moab and Fruita.......not sure about rigid though... ....full squish SS is where it's at...

    Awesome write up
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    nice job! wonderful write up!!! glad you're out having so much fun!!!! NICE BIKE -- very beautiful!

    great pix, too ;-)

    thanks for the post!


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